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Chapter231 - Final Exam

“Alright.” Wu Zhangkong promised in his student’s stead on the double. For the past three-and-a-half years, Eastsea Academy had invested a great deal into class zero. Yes, Wu Zhangkong’s reputation attracted a steady stream of students. And yet, even so, the academy’s enrollment rate paled in comparison with the Skysea Alliance’s first-rate schools’.

Investments were always made in hopes of returns. Wu Zhangkong felt it was natural to requite the academy.

“Teacher Wu, you…” Yu Zhen hesitated. “Will you return?”

The reason why he asked was because Eastsea Academy neither had the means nor the power to tie Wu Zhangkong down. His investment in these children was near palpable.

During his visit to the president’s office, Wu Zhangkong didn’t elaborate on any of the questions asked. In truth, the answer was already engraved within his heart. If his students did make it into Shrek Academy, then the chances of his return were minute at best. There were still things he wanted to do and Shrek City was the most suitable place to accomplish them.

“Your final exam is the rebellion spirit ascension platform. Survive for twenty-four hours. Anyone who exits before then can forget about taking the Shrek exam,” Wu Zhangkong said coldly.

Xie Xie smirked. “Teacher Wu, then is there a bonus if we survive longer than that?”

Wu Zhangkong nodded. “There is. Your reward will either be a duel with me or a spar against the other three. Your choice.”


“Teacher Wu, don’t be so heartless,” Xie Xie complained.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin and the other two giggled.

Gu Yue sat beside Tang Wulin. She kept her hair short and orderly, but unlike her hairstyle, other things had changed these past three years. For one, she had grown to over 170 centimeters. Although she was still unripe, girls matured faster than boys, and it was evident in the nearly lady-like figure bursting with youth.

In contrast to her youth, her expression was serene without the slightest fluctuations. She sat there completely unflustered.

However, if comparing how much one had matured was a contest, then Xu Xiaoyan would be the winner. Although she was still half a head shorter than Gu Yue, she had grown even more pretty and often wore a sweet, childlike smile.

Over the years, she had become closer to Xie Xie. Perhaps it was due to their similar backgrounds. Likewise, Gu Yue quarreled with Xie Xie less and less.

“Let’s go.” Wu Zhangkong was still the king of conciseness.

Naturally, they were heading for the elementary-level rebellion spirit ascension platform. By now, none of them felt any pressure from it.

Back when Tang Wulin had one ring, he had led his team through the rebellion spirit ascension platform in a path of slaughter, racking up spirit energy like no tomorrow, until they nearly hit their energy limits. Since they’d been deepening their teamwork for a few years, they were almost too q

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