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Chapter223 - Gu Yue Acts

Zhou Tian’er smiled sweetly at Tang Wulin, while Zhou Hanyou’s pointed a finger at him, summoned giant icicles from the ground to form an ice prison around him. Not only did it restrict his movements, it besieged him on all sides.

Zhou Hanyou’s first soul skill was Ice Wall, her second Icicle. Her icicles, however, weren’t ordinary; they were powerful variant icicles. There were numerous ways she could use them.

The icicles were stronger than the Ice Wall from before, forcing Tang Wulin back when he charged at them. While he struggled to escape this icy prison, cold air circulated and invaded his body.

Although his body was far tougher than an average person, he wasn’t immune to the cold and was soon shivering nonstop.

Those sisters work so well together! Furthermore, they’re clearly still going easy on me. I would be impaled by icicles rather than imprisoned if Zhou Hanyou wasn’t.

Tang Wulin didn’t dare dawdle; he summoned a strand of Bluesilver Grass to lift him out of the prison.

Yet at that moment, the icicles lengthened until they intersected and cut off his last escape route.

A second control! This is clearly a second controlled soul skill! She is very skillful, and she must have high spiritual power. It can’t be any lower than mine.

It seems like we can’t hold back. This Sealand team is far stronger than we estimated.

“Gu Yue!” Tang Wulin shouted as golden scales rippled across his right arm, his hand transforming into a dragon claw before he punched the ice before him.


The icicle shattered into fine powder under the crushing effect of his dragon claw. Tang Wulin rushed out of the opening in the next moment.

Although his Bluesilver Grass was suppressed by Zhou Tian’er, it wasn’t absolute.

He withdrew the remaining Bluesilver Grass, only letting a single golden strand shoot straight towards Zhou Tian’er while he followed closely behind.

Hearing Tang Wulin’s shout, Gu Yue finally made her move.

Green light enveloped her and she flew over to him, her first soul ring lighting up in the meantime before her fingers twisted to summon a fireball that blazed toward the two sisters.

Regardless of whether it be Wood Spirit or Ice Spirit, both were subdued by fire.

Elemental-type? And she seems to have more than one?

Zhou Tian’er and Zhou Hanyou were both startled by the sight of the green light around Gu Yue’s feet and the fireball arcing toward them. As elemental-type soul master’s themselves, it was only natural they could recognize another elemental-type soul master.

They began to tremble at the realization that she could use both wind and fire.

Fire and ice were opposites, mutually subduing one another. Zhou Tian’er’s Wood Spirit, however, was powerless against fire. Only Zhou Hanyou had a chance of fighting back.

An icicle half a meter long suddenly appeared and clashed with the fireball. Cobalt and crimson

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