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Chapter228 - Advancing to Soul Sage

Shen Yi was about to restrain Wu Zhangkong, but after realizing something, she paused in midair.

She thrusted out her arms, unleashing a tyrannical aura that rendered all the present mecha pilots and soul masters motionless.

As the silver halation around Wu Zhangkong receded into his body, a black soul ring appeared underneath him. It expanded, fusing swiftly with his battle armor.

A look of helplessness crossed her face. She was at a loss for words. I can’t believe this guy. He just suddenly had a breakthrough. Wu Zhangkong was no longer a Soul Emperor, but a Soul Sage!

“Congratulations, Zhangkong.” Shen Yi flew over to his side carrying these heartfelt words.

Despite his breakthrough, he wore an expression devoid of joy. In that instant, he noticed that the golden cocoon of light, which encased his two disciples, was dimming. He dropped down in a flash, landing right beside them.

Finally, the two’s forms grew clear.

Gu Yue sat on the ground, eyes closed and pale-faced as if she was drained of blood. Only the barest whispers of life lingered on her. Tang Wulin was still soaked in blood, but the enormous wounds covering him like a gruesome blanket were already healed. While his breath and pulse were weak, they both persisted at a steady pace.

“Wow! These brats sure know how to surprise people!” Shen Yi muttered to herself. With a wave of a hand, her body lit up with a green glow. Two lights that resembled leafy plants flew toward Tang Wulin and Gu Yue, merging with the children.

Wu Zhangkong’s tension eased once he saw that his two disciples were fine. Tilting up his head, he met Shen Yi’s gaze. “You specialize in treatment; how are they right now?”

She directed a strange look at him. “The boy was heavily wounded and his organs were crushed—a fatal injury for an ordinary person. But as you can see, his heart wasn’t touched. However, he took the full brunt of a soul fusion skill and should by all means be dead now. Somehow, he’s still clinging on to life tenaciously. That’s the first thing that I can’t make sense of.

“The next is this girl. She’s truly brave; she used her life’s light to heal him. Light is the purest and brightest element, after all. It is filled with life at its core. The greatest source of vitality one can draw upon is one’s life’s light, and this girl had mustered hers. She ignited her own life force in order to heal the boy. His wounds and damaged organs have already been restored. You’re really living up to Shrek’s name by raising these little monsters!”

Wu Zhangkong furrowed his brows. “Just tell me, will this affect them in the future?”

Shen Yi said, “I don’t know. I’ll have to examine them once they they’ve recovered fully. Since they have overexerted themselves, it will take some time. How about this: I’ll go back with you and look after these two children until they’re healed.”

“Thank you.” Wu Zhangkong nodded appr

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