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Chapter233 - Waiting for an Opening

Even from a distance, Tang Wulin could make out the majestic figure of the Blazing Demon Lion King. Currently, it was engaged in battle with a group of seven soul masters.

He signalled for his teammates to halt. Raising his right hand, his purple soul ring appeared, its light dim and suppressed. He wrapped a strand of Bluesilver Grass around a thick branch and swung himself up.

In an instant, he recalled his soul ring, a purple light twinkling in his eyes as the Purple Demon Eyes activated.

From this vantage point he could see everything in a two hundred meter radius, not to mention a perfect view of the battle.

Although one lion lay motionless, seemingly dead, the rest of the pride assaulted the soul masters in a frenzy.

Spirit energy swirled around the soul masters, a testament to their strength.

As he observed the battle, Tang Wulin discerned the power levels of this group of soul masters: all seven were three-ringed Soul Elders and two of them possessed a purple soul ring each. They appeared to be around twenty years old.

It was clear that they were prepared to take on this Blazing Demon Lion King.

Including its deceased member, the pride was composed of sixteen Blazing Demon Lions. Standing in the middle tyrannically was their gigantic lord. Such a beast emanated pure might.

Tang Wulin couldn’t help but suck in a deep breath as he took in the scene of the battlefield. Reality was cruel. He had guessed that this pride might have had multiple thousand-year lions. Only now did he understand just how formidable this pride was.

Among the remaining fifteen Blazing Demon Lions, there was a total of four at the thousand-year level—three lionesses and their king. The king’s gargantuan size suggested that it was an extraordinary thousand-year level beast.

If its strength surpassed three thousand years, then this pride of lions was a walking calamity.

Tang Wulin gestured with his hands, motioning for his teammates to be patient and not be hasty.

If these was a real battle between humans and soul beasts, they would certainly do their best to save the other team, but this was the spirit ascension platform. Death had no true significance here. What mattered was how much spirit energy they could absorb. For this reason, Tang Wulin was the picture of patience as he monitored the present situation.

His judgement was correct. It was evident that the group of soul masters had underestimated the pride.

Under the lions’ fierce assault, casualties occurred one after the other.

Whether it was close or long-ranged combat, Blazing Demon Lions excelled at both. Scorching flames enveloped their powerful bodies. Each lion was about the same size, their flame’s color serving as the only indicator of different cultivations. While the hundred-year lions were dressed in a bright red blaze, the thousand-year lions were swathed in yellow flames.

The fou

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