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Chapter220 - Request for the Inner Court Quotas

Unlike other soul master academies, Shrek Academy enrolled students once every three years. The various alliances and unions on the continent would select their most outstanding talents to apply. Applicants were required to be under fifteen years old. There was no minimum soul power prerequisite; however, applicants must show excellence in at least one area.

Because the Skysea Alliance was known to have inferior soul masters compared with other Alliances, they received fewer quotas. Each time Shrek’s enrollment came around, they were granted about 120 quotas. These 120 quotas would be split between dozens of cities! On average, each city received two or three of these.

As the number one academy in the Skysea Alliance, Skysea Academy kept twenty to itself. Meanwhile, the other academies had to rely on luck and the whims of the Alliance.

Naturally, Skysea Academy had a higher position than other normal academies.

“Brother Zhenpeng, your Sealand Academy has always managed to secure a few quotas with your strength. Why are you asking me for more?” Long Huantian spoke without batting an eyelash.

After a moment of silence, Zhang Zhenpeng said, “I’m not talking about the normal quotas. I’m asking for the inner court examination ones.”

Long Huantian stared wide-eyed at the request, a powerful aura spilling out of his body.

“What did you say? The inner court quotas?”

They were given about 120 ordinary quotas. As for the inner court examination quotas, the entire Skysea Alliance was granted five. This was the same number of fingers on a hand!

These five quotas were usually monopolized by Skysea Academy.It was atypical that one would be given to an outstanding student in another academy. Even then, many conditions and benefits had to be offered as compensation.

There was a distinct gap between Shrek Academy’s inner and outer courts. Anyone who could become an inner court disciple would be the pride of the entire Skysea Alliance. However, several years had passed since someone from the Skysea Alliance had entered the inner court.

Rarely did Shrek Academy’s inner court admit more than ten people at once. It wasn’t an uncommon sight for them to accept none at all. One could imagine how difficult the exam was.

Typically, the inner court disciples were promoted from the outer court. Only once in a blue moon would someone matriculate directly into the inner court.

Despite this, inner court examination quotas were worth their weight in gold. Possessing this quota was like receiving the backing of the Skysea Alliance. Such lucky fellows were guaranteed admittance into the outer court if they failed the inner court examination.

Thus, these five quotas were precious. They were practically five tickets to becoming a future battle armor master!

Shrek Academy was very strict on its internal affairs. None of its students could participate in the

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