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The other members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters also had tears swimming in their eyes.

Ever since the Shrek City bombing, they had become akin to orphaned children, and everything they had done since then was for the joint goal of rebuilding their home. In order to fulfill this wish as quickly as possible, they had been working tirelessly, and now that Shrek Academy had finally re-established itself, they were all overcome with emotion.

After a long while, Tang Wulin finally managed to collect himself before turning back around. "Thank you, Elder Long, and thank you to everyone else as well. This rebuild is a product of our concerted efforts, and I'm going to dedicate the rest of my life to bettering the academy and protecting its title as the number one academy on the continent. Through our neutral Shrek Academy, I want to put an end to all wars and spread peace to all of the continents."

Long Yeyue chimed in, "Well said! This is the core purpose behind the existence of Shrek Academy. The academy has been striving toward this dream for over 20,000 years. Technological advancements are constantly destroying the continent's natural environment, resulting in resource shortages, and the weakening of the ancient Golden Tree. We need to do everything in our power to change all of this so that the Douluo Continent can flourish again. In order to accomplish this, we have to be sufficiently powerful ourselves so we can actually make a substantial change.

"The destruction of the ancient Golden Tree was a terrifying disaster for the entire continent, but very few people were aware of this. The environment on the Douluo Continent is becoming less and less hospitable, and if humans continue to take and take from the continent without exercising restraint, the destruction of the continent will be the ultimate outcome."

Tang Wulin nodded in agreement upon hearing this. He had already devised a plan: once Shrek Academy truly re-established itself, his main priority was going to be to revitalize the tree of life so that it could better the continent's environment as much as possible. The ecosystem on a continent directly contributed to the level of life energy on that continent, and if the ecosystem were constantly being destroyed, the continent would inevitably be headed toward destruction. All of the damage that humans had inflicted upon the planet would be reciprocated upon the human race by the entire plane in the form of disasters.

As the Son of Nature and the one who was blessed by the plane, Tang Wulin was well aware of this through his understanding of planar laws.

As such, he had to dedicate all of his efforts to change as much of this as possible.

Shrek Academy was steadily becoming more and more powerful, and once it established a solid foundation, it had to return to the political sphere. Shrek Academy had once been the leader of the federal government's neutral faction, and it had to reclaim that position; only then wou

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