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Chapter182 - Transfer Student Xu Xiaoyan

Xu Xiaoyan hastened after Wu Zhangkong.

Long Hengxu’s gaze followed their departure as his lips quirked up at the edges. Not for a second did he think Wu Zhangkong’s behavior to be unreasonable or irritable. “That guy, he really cares about class zero! He wouldn’t submit otherwise. This is good. It’s good that he cares since it’ll motivate him to give his best effort. I’m looking forward to the results!”

He sat down and quickly dialed a number on his soul communicator.

“Hello, President. So, I have an idea. This past semester, we poured our resources into class zero, yet ever since the two students left, the board of directors has been questioning your decision, correct? I believe it’s time to display class zero’s strength while also determining whether to continue supporting this endeavor or not. What do you think?”

Long Hengxu listened to the other line and nodded. “Right, that’s exactly what I was thinking. We’ll have them go. While I’m unsure of how it’ll develop, they’re still young, so it should be fine so long as they achieve decent results and garner some prestige for our academy. This way, everyone will note the superiority of our academy’s teachers. Once they realize this, won’t even more geniuses apply to our school?”

“Yes, yes. I’ll start making the arrangements.”

As Xu Xiaoyan followed behind Wu Zhangkong, her sparkling eyes took in the unfamiliar surroundings. Her previous school had been an ordinary one, and since her family excessively doted on her, her life was devoid of any hardships.

It was the mutation in her martial soul that led her onto this path.

She had originally set on this path unwillingly, but after meeting Wu Zhangkong, her rejection rapidly diminished.

Handsome! Teacher Wu is so cool and good-looking. Her heart hammered inside her chest.

The next moment, however, she remembered her classmates whom she had investigated after meeting them once before when they had pummeled her brother. Big brother was careless, but they were still so strong! Brother couldn’t even struggle against that girl who’s only a bit older than me!

Unfortunately for Xu Xiaoyu, he was unaware of Xu Xiaoyan’s thoughts, or else he would have choked to death.

“This is your dorm room,” Wu Zhangkong said as he opened the door and entered.

Xu Xiaoyan followed him inside, only to be shocked by the sight of the single bed. It seemed almost too good to be true.

What kind of student dorm has such nice conditions? I was given special treatment before, but I still had a roommate!

“Remember, everything you receive is because you’re currently in class zero, but you still have one month to prove yourself.” Wu Zhangkong turned on his heel and exited the room.

Left behind, Xu Xiaoyan eyed the room doubtfully, but a smile soon appeared on her charming face.

“It looks like I really need to do my best. I have a handsome teacher and s

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