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Chapter184 - Tang Wulin's Thousand-Year Soul Ring

Xu Xiaoyan had thought one month was plenty of time to prove herself but after seeing these numbers, she finally understood how large the gap between her and the other three.

Xu Xiaoyan raised her hand. “Teacher Wu, I’d like to test my spiritual power again at night.”

“Hm?” Wu Zhangkong turned to look at her. “Does the night affect your spiritual power?”

“Mn.” Xu Xiaoyan nodded.

This had been her greatest secret, but her competitive nature dragged it out of her.


“The combat test will begin in a moment. You’ll battle in pairs; Tang Wulin with Xu Xiaoyan, Xie Xie with Gu Yue.” Wu Zhangkong instructed.

Xie Xie went silent. Gu Yue frowned and said, “Teacher Wu, that’s not fair. We have two rings, while they only have one ring. We should pair a one ring with a two ring. How about I go with Wulin, and the agile Xie Xie pairs with Xu Xiaoyan’s Starwheel Ice Staff? Xie Xie’s soul power is the highest after all.”

Her words nearly caused Xie Xie to be in tears. Just how much do you loathe me! Notwithstanding the fact that my soul power is the highest, if you pair up with Tang Wulin, how am is my group supposed to fight? In his eyes, Xu Xiaoyan was like a child brought from a previous marriage, void of any hope.

“Do as I said. Who said that a battle must be fair?” Wu Zhangkong said indifferently.

Xu Xiaoyan stood next to Tang Wulin while Xie Xie and Gu Yue stood opposite of them. A mysterious calming aura exuded from Tang Wulin, giving her with a sense of security.

“Do you have the same aptitude as your brother?” Tang Wulin asked Xu Xiaoyan.

Xu Xiaoyan nodded. “I’m a long-ranged elemental attacker like him. My first soul skill is the same as my brother, Ice Wheel, although my control is a bit better than his. Actually, I’m a lot more powerful at night.”

Tang Wulin smiled. “It’s a pity that it’s still daytime. Well, whatever. Try to stay behind me; I’ll protect you. Let’s do our best together.” His impression of Xu Xiaoyu wasn’t anything good especially after the incident with Ouyang Zixin, but he harbored no malice toward Xu Xiaoyan. In fact, he sympathized with her when Wu Zhangkong had said that she only had one month to prove herself. Her situation reminded him of the pressure he was under before his Bluesilver Grass had mutated.

“Mn, mn.” Xu Xiaoyan repeatedly nodded.

“Let’s start then. Do your best.” Wu Zhangkong said from a distance.

“Then Wulin, I won’t be polite. Wahaha!” A strange laugh left Xie Xie’s mouth and a moment later, he sped towards Tang Wulin like the wind. It was obvious that he had spent his one month vacation improving, not playing around as he had said.

Gu Yue raised her hand and shot fireballs at Tang Wulin while enveloping Xie Xie in the wind element. She slowly advanced upon her opponents.

She’s firing from so far away? Would it reach us?

They were still separated b

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