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Chapter202 - High-Grade

While blue coppertite wasn’t the hardest of metals, the main reason it was so annoying to form was its constant transformations. As a result, Tang Wulin took advantage of his heavy silver hammer’s special ability: the Stacked Hammer effect. This way, he only needed a hundred or so strikes to finish hundred refining it.

He put away his hammer and raised his hand.

The staff member in charge of supervising the competition ran over, stumbling over his own two feet.

“You’re finished?” The staff member retrieved Tang Wulin’s number plate. Disbelief clouded his face when he saw the blue coppertite’s reduced size.

Tang Wulin asked, “Can I leave now?”

“You can since you’re finished. But are you sure you’re done hundred refining it? If you don’t succeed, you’ll be eliminated,” The staff member reminded kindly.

“I’m certain I succeeded,” Tang Wulin answered without a missed beat. Considering his current blacksmith rank, the Hundred Refinements was nothing to him.

The white-haired old man was the first to speak out from the stage. “Bring that child’s product over here. If he isn’t spouting nonsense, then he’s really a terrifying genius.” At first, he thought Tang Wulin was rude and impetuous. However, as a Saint Blacksmith, he noticed the music in each strike of his hammer, the steady rhythm with which it beat.

It was the innate rhythm of a blacksmith. When a blacksmith became in tune with their individual tempo, their forging efficiency would double. Blue coppertite wasn’t easy to refine. Yet, Tang Wulin had still refined it. As such, wouldn’t the result be spectacular?

Afterward, the refined blue coppertite was brought onto the stage.

The people sitting on stage were all influential figures in the world of blacksmithing. At that moment, their gazes converged on the chunk of metal like rivers to the sea.


Blue coppertite was a beautiful metal. In order to judge its quality, one must scrutinize how evenly its patterns were distributed and how close to the center its rings landed.

That was as thorough of an inspection as it gets. As long as the ring was centered, the hundred refining was a success; the reduction in size only served as further proof.

The white-haired old man lowered his head, carefully examining the blue coppertite. He held it in his palm and caressed it with gentle fingers, feeling the grain of the metal. His eyes lit up.

“This is a high-grade hundred refined piece! Quickly, go find out which association that child belongs to.”

By then, Tang Wulin had already left, feet in a blur as he hurried off to Skysea Stadium.

The gym wasn’t far from his next destination. H even planned out his route the night before, all for the sake of not being tardy.

There was still time before the individual competition started. After all, his forging went by without a hitch and he was the first one to finish. Moreover, according to his number p

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