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Chapter193 - Setting Off for the Tournament

“Let’s do our best, guys!”

Tang Wulin was the first to reach out a hand. Gu Yue placed her hand on top of his, before quickly grabbing Xu Xiaoyan’s hand so that it rested on hers.

Although he was an agility-type soul master, Xie Xie’s reaction lagged behind the rest and he was the last to join in. He glared daggers at Gu Yue. “Just how much do you loathe me!”

Gu Yue thought it over for a moment, then flashed a smile. “About as much as one would loathe a housefly.”


Night crept by without a peep. Once the rays of the sun pierced through the horizon, Wu Zhangkong and the four students departed from the academy. Their destination: Eastsea Square located at the city’s center.

Tang Wulin and the others wore Eastsea Academy’s uniform. This time, Director Long Hengxu joined the children and Wu Zhangkong.

There was another team representing the academy apart from Tang Wulin’s group, though they were from the advanced division.

The latter team would be participating in the fifteen to twenty youths division. Tang Wulin spotted a couple of familiar faces among the crowd. The first was Xu Xiaoyan’s older brother, Xu Xiaoyu. To his surprise, the other one was the beautiful senior sister he met during his first days at Eastsea Academy, Liu Yuxin.

It was clear that Liu Yuxin hadn’t spared him a thought. Instead, her gaze was glued on the face of a man with fluttering white robes, never letting him out of her sight. Her eyes were practically in the shape of hearts.

“Xiaoyan, let me know if they try to bully you.” Walking past the four students of class zero, Xu Xiaoyu showcased a display of force.

Xu Xiaoyan rolled her eyes at him. “Just worry about yourself. At least make it through the preliminaries this time.”

At such a statement, Xu Xiaoyu’s expression stiffened. “Of course. Everyone on our team has at least three rings this time. We’ll definitely achieve a good result.” They were participating in the team competitions as well. This was not just any team event. It was the most illustrious one—the seven-man team competition.

The corner of Xu Xiaoyan’s mouth twitched.

From the conversation between the two siblings, Tang Wulin could infer at least that Eastsea Academy held some hope of glory at the tournament. In fact, their chances of attaining victory were pretty high.

As Eastsea City was ranked number two among all the cities in the east coast, achieving glory and maintaining their status was a crucial goal and a touchy subject.

In truth, Tang Wulin’s guess hit the nail right on the head. While Eastsea Academy was Eastsea City’s only intermediate soul master academy, its students were not particularly outstanding.

The Skysea Alliance Tournament was so large that it required not just the five first-class cities on the east coast to host it but had even summoned the aid of some second and third-class cities. Eastsea Ci

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