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Chapter179 - Another Spirit Soul Evolution

The world around him gradually came into focus; then, he saw Wu Zhangkong.

Wu Zhangkong’s white robe was in tatters and he haggardly stood while using his Skyfrost Sword as a cane.

His long hair was a disheveled mess, creating a sight of him that Tang Wulin had never seen before. Yet he still stood tall, despite his injuries and exhaustion.

Looking out further, Tang Wulin realized that a dozen soul beasts circled them while several beast corpses littered the ground.


He’s protecting me… We’re still in the spirit ascension platform?

“Tea-Teacher Wu…” Tang Wulin feebly called out.

A tremble ran through Wu Zhangkong as he looked back.

Although Wu Zhangkong cut a sorry figure, Tang Wulin’s appearance was far more frightening. Little snakes of blood seeped from his eyes, ears, nostrils and mouth.

“You’re awake?” Wu Zhangkong dashed to Tang Wulin’s side. The ice in Wu Zhangkong’s eyes thawed to reveal a burning self-blame, but Tang Wulin didn’t notice this—his mind was still muddled.

“Mn.” Tang Wulin simply responded.

Wu Zhangkong ordered, “We’re returning!” He let out a deep breath, relieved that Tang Wulin was fine. Even though it would take some time for Tang Wulin to recover, everything was good so long as he lived.

He slapped the escape button on the back of Tang Wulin’s hand before hitting his own. The two instantly disappeared with a beam of light.

Tang Wulin remained motionless as the glass cover opened slowly. The murkiness of his mind hadn’t disappeared even after leaving the spirit ascension platform but rather, it became more obvious and pronounced. His body felt bloated and he was unable to move his body.

The glass cover of the container beside him opened and Wu Zhangkong got out. He rushed over to Tang Wulin and lifted him out of the glass case.

Tang Wulin’s case could only be described as a rag doll-like body right now. His limbs were so feeble that he could do nothing but be at the mercy of others. Wu Zhangkong helped Tang Wulin into his clothes before clothing himself. Gently lifting Tang Wulin’s limp body, Wu Zhangkong carried Tang Wulin on his back.

“He absorbed too much spirit energy. Does he need an inspection?” A staff member asked.

Wu Zhangkong shook his head. “No need. I’ll be enough to take care of him and he’ll be fine once he wakes up.”

“Alright. But once you leave it will no longer be a concern of the Spirit Pagoda,” warned the staff member.

Wu Zhangkong nodded then left the Spirit Pagoda with Tang Wulin on his back. He had planned on heading back to Eastsea City immediately after their venture in the Spirit Pagoda, but right now he needed to find an inn to stay another night.

It was necessary for Tang Wulin to adjust to the sudden influx of energy at the moment, otherwise he may be faced with some residual effects.

Tang Wulin’s mind was still befuddled, so he imm

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