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Chapter177 - Ten-Thousand-Year Soul Skill

So then, where was the source of their fear? Tang Wulin tried to convey this question to the plants using his own spiritual senses.

Although he had never attempted this before, he thought it was worth a try.

As his conscious melded into the spiritual network of the plants, his senses broadened and the fear grew.

Where is it? Where is the cause of our fear? He asked again.

He suddenly felt the surrounding Bluesilver Grass’s consciousness ripple in one direction.

“It’s over there.” Tang Wulin opened his eyes and pointed.

Trusting Tang Wulin, Wu Zhangkong immediately brandished his sword and released a gigantic Skyfrost Slash in that. It sliced through the black fog, leaving a trail of frost-covered plants in its wake.

“Awoo!” A deep howl filled the air, and the black fog converged into a newly-appeared purple light.

The Skyfrost Slash collided with the purple light and dispersed.

Tang Wulin patiently waited for the darkness to disappear and reveal their foe.

A two-meter tall black ape appeared from the black fog. A head full of peculiar blazing gold hair, it didn’t look particularly strong, though it was clearly agile.

A shimmering purple aura surrounded its body as it stared at Tang Wulin and Wu Zhangkong with bright topaz eyes, incredulity on its face.

What soul beast is this? Tang Wulin couldn’t remember any records of such a beast.

“It’s a Three-Eyed Demon Ape! Be careful, it has already reached the ten-thousand-year level and has opened its third eye. It will be a difficult opponent.” Wu Zhangkong immediately dashed forward, aiming to enter a melee combat with the ape.

Wu Zhangkong had never acted hastily in previous battles, but this time was different. He knew that against such a formidable opponent, he would not be able to protect his charge if they stuck together.

The Three-Eyed Demon Ape snarled, baring its large white fangs. Tension curled in its body before it shot forward like a whirlwind to welcome Wu Zhangkong.

The fear emanating from the Bluesilver Grass fed his own until Tang Wulin’s entire being screamed of danger as the two clashed. Tang Wulin instinctively dashed ahead and rolled to the side, latching onto a distant tree with his Bluesilver Grass to alter his trajectory.His gut feeling had been right. While the Three-Eyed Demon Ape and Wu Zhangkong fought back and forth, the ape suddenly turned into mist and reappeared where Tang Wulin had just been. It had swiped at the air, forming a hexagon of amethyst light. If Tang Wulin had acted any slower, he would have been pulverized.

He broke out into a cold sweat. How terrifying. It even deceived Teacher Wu!

“Hmph!” Wu Zhangkong’s expressionless face finally showed traces of anger. Tang Wulin sensed something from behind him and turned around in time to see countless azure sword waves explode, swallowing the Three-Eyed Demon Ape.

The Three-Eyed D

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