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Chapter189 - The Halo and the Fourth Rank Blacksmith

The clock slowly ticked by. It was normal for the Thousand Refinements to take a few hours, but the relentless storm of Tang Wulin’s twin hammers had already reduced the Blue Coppertite to one-third of its original size in only a quarter of an hour. Its blue hue grew brighter and brighter while the ripples on its surface began to slow down and stabilize.

He’s almost done?

So fast!

The Stacked Hammers effect may have helped Tang Wulin, but it was his strength, judgement, and understanding of the metal that allowed him to finish so quickly.

Having already become one with his hammers, Tang Wulin’s concentration could not be broken. Surprisingly enough, he was actually beginning to resemble his hammers.

Bang bang bang!

The final hammer strike descended, and an azure halo that was a third of a meter in diameter burst from the Blue Coppertite, fusing back into the metal a moment later and disappearing.

“A halo emerged!” Cen Yue cried.

Only metals at the second-grade and above could release a halo. Furthermore, the appearance of a halo signified the degree to which spirit was imbued into the metal. This was the origin of the name, “Half-Spirit Refinement.”

That halo just now wasn’t an ordinary second-grade halo! Cen Yue wiped cold sweat from his forehead. Did this boy just forge a first-grade metal? Is he trying to astonish us even more?

Mu Chen’s eyes lit up. He raised one hand to stop Tang Wulin and used his other to grab the metal. “You don’t need to do anything else. We’re ending the test here. You’ve succeeded at Thousand Refining a second-grade Blue Coppertite and officially passed the fourth rank test.”

Since Tang Wulin could forge a second-grade Blue Coppertite, they didn’t even need to check if he could do the same with lesser metals.

“It isn’t of the first-grade?” Cen Yue asked Mu Chen.

Mu Chen shook his head. “It falls a bit short, but it’s nearly there. You’ll make a lot of money off of this Blue Coppertite the next time you accept some tasks. Go back and prepare for the Grand Banquet of the Sea and Sky. It begins in one month.”

“But... teacher, don’t I still need to attend class?” Tang Wulin asked.

Mu Chen said, “You don’t need to worry, the association will help you take care of that. You need to spend the remaining time forging. I’ll continue to teach you once a week. It seems like I need to start teaching you the technique needed to forge first-grade metals.”

Tang Wulin smiled. “Yes, thank you, teacher.”

“I’ll go with you.” Mu Xi took the initiative to accompany him back to the academy.

After the two left the Blacksmith’s Association, Mu Xi suddenly pinched Tang Wulin’s cheek.

“Ow! Senior disciple sister, what are you doing?” Tang Wulin complained.

Mu Xi snorted. “I’m checking if you’re even human. Isn’t everyone supposed to be equal? You don’t have another face, so how are you able

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