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Chapter178 - Breaking Through the Crisis!

The Three-Eyed Demon Ape unleashed a second attack in concert with his first, shooting a golden beam of light from its third eye at Wu Zhangkong’s head.

This… is a spiritual attack?

Wu Zhangkong’s eyes flashed open the instant the third eye attacked. A golden violet light, far more resplendent than before, burst from within his eyes. This was clearly the full strength of his Purple Demon Eyes.

Purple and gold clashed mid-air, fighting for dominance as they released waves of spiritual power that rippled outwards.

Tang Wulin was still hit by the energy waves while watching from afar. Without any methods to defend himself against a spiritual attack, pounding nausea assailed his mind before his eyes went blank and he lost his grip on reality.

Tang Wulin had been perched atop a tree when the spiritual wave swallowed him and amidst his confusion, he fell to the ground.

Back on the battlefield, Wu Zhangkong raised his head. His complexion was pale, blood flowing freely from his nose and ears. He had taken some damage from that spiritual confrontation just now.

The moment the dust from their spiritual battle settled, the violet energy arrived before him.

In the split second before it arrived, Wu Zhangkong closed his eyes. Then he finally made his move.

His jet-black sixth soul ring rose into the air, enveloping his entire body before flaring with a resplendent white light that flew into the Skyfrost Sword.

Both Wu Zhangkong and the Skyfrost Sword appeared to be as white as snow. His figure vanished an instant later, becoming a white blur that flitted across the battlefield.

Ice bloomed behind the blur’s wake as it shot forth and froze the light in place when it swept past it. Cracks formed at the core of light as it struggled within its icy prison.

Then the frozen casing split open and that radiant violet light exploded in all directions.

The white blur flashed by once more. Clad in white and armed with a white sword, Wu Zhangkong appeared behind the Three-Eyed Demon Ape.

The ape’s smug expression froze in place.

A vertical white line appeared on top of its head, slicing through its third eye and all the way to its crotch.

“Wulin, the third eye!” Wu Zhangkong’s booming voice sobered Tang Wulin. His head was still splitting from the spiritual shock-induced headache when he heard his teacher’s call.

It felt like a thousand needles were stabbing his brain, a pain that overwhelmed his senses to the point where he wanted to smash his head into a wall.

Although his vision was fuzzy, he still managed to send out his Bluesilver Grass with a thought.

Goldlight slithered out of his body and bore into a strand of Bluesilver Grass. The strand seemed to breathe into life as it transformed from azure to gold and hardened. It pierced through the Three-Eyed Demon Ape’s third eye like a spear before penetrating into the ape’s brain.

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