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Chapter196 - Struggle to the End!

“Yes.” Tang Wulin, Mu Xi and a few other youngsters said respectfully.

In the sea of green that was this group of blacksmiths, Mu Xi stood out brightly as a speck of red—the only woman among them.

After listening to Cen Yue’s warnings, Tang Wulin and Mu Xi set off.

“Good luck, junior disciple brother!” Mu Xi rubbed Tang Wulin’s head and pinched his cheeks before releasing him.

Helpless to the pinching, Tang Wulin began to miss her frigid disposition. At least back then, his cheeks were spared.

He could feel the shift in atmosphere at their hotel as the start of the tournament drew near.

Nearly all of the hotel’s patrons were here for the event. Besides participants from Eastsea City there were also numerous people from other places, all preparing hastily.

When he returned to his room, Tang Wulin was greeted by Xie Xie’s tremendous snoring, the culprit already sound asleep. Starfished on the bed, he barely resembled a human.

Tang Wulin descended on his own mattress. Instead of pulling at the coattails of slumber, he sat cross-legged and peered out the window. His gaze wandered past the sharp edges of the deep blue sea, zigzagging across the surface to no end. The rush and ebb of the tide granted him a peace of mind. He shut his eyes slowly and began meditating.

Just as the clumsy bird flies early to the forest, he could not squander any opportunity to cultivate. Blacksmithing, on the other hand, was not a problem. As Cen Yue had informed him, finding anyone who could surpass his craft at his age was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Although he would be advancing through the competition with Mu Xi, Tang Wulin understood that when the final rounds approached he would need to carefully make a decision. If Mu Xi seemed to have a shot at becoming the champion, then he would yield the spot to her. However, in the event that Mu Xi could not proceed, he would remove his handicap, aiming for victory instead.

As for the soul master’s competition, he could not shake off his nervousness. Despite being considered pretty formidable among his peers, he would be facing soul masters several years older than him in the Skysea Alliance Tournament! The difference in cultivationfrom a single year was tremendous. He could only imagine what a gap of five years would be like.

While wielding three rings, Mu Xi only hoped to place in the top eight. He possessed one ring and his teammates held two at most. Just how far could he hope to go?

At the very least, we can’t lose in the knockout phase! That would be too depressing for both us and Teacher Wu.

I’ve got to do my best! Struggle to the very end!

Tang Wulin dispelled such distracting thoughts. Regardless of what happens, I’ll persevere!

The opening ceremony of the Skysea Alliance Tournament was held in Skysea Stadium. It was the largest stadium in the Skysea Alliance, boasting a maximum seating ca

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