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Chapter305 - The Battle for Class President

“Today we will be electing the class representatives.” With Elder Cai absent as usual, Shen Yi took charge of the lectures while Wu Zhangkong stood to the side in silence. He swept his icy gazy over the entire class.

“Here at Shrek, strength reigns supreme. We have already tested your characters, so we don’t care who becomes a class representative. A class battle will be held, and the final victor will be the class president. Those who demonstrate exceptional talent will fill in the other positions. There are seven representatives in total. One class president, two vice-presidents, and a council made up of the four secondary professions.

“Don’t look down on the position of class representative. Each representative will be in charge of different parts of the class and receive bonus contribution points. The president and vice-presidents are the leaders and represent the whole class. Each month the class president will receive one thousand contribution points, the vice-president six hundred, and the members of the profession council will each receive five hundred points. As long as a representative can become a battle armor master by twenty-five years of age, they will automatically be admitted into the inner court upon graduation. Also, they may take the graduation exam at any time they wish. Remember, you must graduate from the inner court by the time you turn thirty-five. Don’t even dare to proclaim yourself a member of Shrek otherwise. Anyway, these seven positions will be filled in today. First, I will declare Tang Wulin as the blacksmith representative.”

Tang Wulin did not expect this at all.

“Stand up. Let your classmates get acquainted with you,” Shen Yi said.

Tang Wulin stood up, turning around to face all of his classmates.

Everyone’s gazes landed on Tang Wulin, each with different reactions. The girls instantly brightened the moment they saw him, for one simple reason: he was handsome!

Tang Wulin, at the young age of thirteen, stood 165 centimeters tall and was only a head shorter than an adult. Long eyelashes accentuated his large eyes. With a lean build and a radiant smile, his pretty-boy look easily captured the hearts of the girls.

The boys, however, did not look too kindly on him. Just by the fact that they attended Shrek Academy was enough to attest to their genius status and so they all naturally regarded themselves highly.

“Teacher!” A student in the back row raised his hand.

“Speak,” Shen Yi said.

“Why doesn’t he need to compete for the blacksmith representative position?” The young man stood up, revealing his unbelievably muscular build. He stood over 190 centimeters tall and had a deep voice. Oddly enough though, his eyes were extremely small. So small, that they were like slits.

“Yang Nianxia, you’re not exactly wrong. Tang Wulin doesn’t need to compete for the blacksmith representative position because no one can compe

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