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Chapter285 - Sea God's Island

Tears welled in Wu Zhangkong’s eyes as he recalled the years he spent under this strict teacher. A teacher is a father, yet I…

“Follow me.” Zhuo Shi furrowed his brow then turned around and entered the inner court.


Hearing Wu Zhangkong call out, Zhuo Shi stopped moving.

“I was wrong.”

Zhuo Shi’s large body went stiff for a moment before he continued walking, this time moving even faster.

Wu Zhangkong stumbled as he stood up, his legs numb. Tang Wulin hastened to support him and help him into the inner court.

Welcoming green grass covered the ground of the inner court, and various trees and shrubs encompassed the area. A set of majestic sculptures stood a bit farther in.

Tang Wulin instantly recognized them as depictions of the first generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters, legendary figures who were also spoken of in the annals of the Tang Sect.

The likenesses of three middle-aged people stood in front of those seven legendary figures, two men and one woman.

Already familiar with the story of Shrek Academy, it only took Tang Wulin a moment to guess their identities. These three were the true founders of Shrek Academy. In the center stood Flander, the first president of Shrek Academy. The man to his left was the one known as Grandmaster, the teacher of Tang San, Yu Xiaogang! On the right was Liu Erlong. Together, they were known as the Golden Iron Triangle. They were the ones who founded Shrek Academy with the help of the first generation of Shrek Seven Monsters.

Zhuo Shi stopped in front of the sculptures and bowed.

Wu Zhangkong and Shen Yi did the same. Following their lead, Tang Wulin and his teammates bowed as well.

After everyone paid their respects, Zhuo Shi turned left onto a small path.

As he walked, Tang Wulin discovered that an azure lake lay beyond the towering trees. The lake was clear as crystal. Night had already fallen by now, and the lakewater glistened under the moonlight as mist hung around the surrounding plants to create a scene of pure tranquility.

Tang Wulin instantly liked this place. It’s so peaceful here!

Zhuo Shi waved a hand, sending out a wave of red light that enveloped everyone. One moment Tang Wulin’s feet were placed firmly on the ground. In the next, he found himself in a completely different place.

Everyone was now on a small island in the middle of the lake.

An island? Could this be the legendary Sea God’s Island?

Countless rumors about Shrek Academy circulated throughout the continent. They included whisperings about the most important part of Shrek Academy, as well as its core, Sea God’s Island. It was said that Sea God’s Island sat in the center of Sea God’s Lake. In addition to that, one other place in Shrek Academy was called Sea God’s Pavilion. All of Shrek Academy’s most important decisions were made in Sea God’s Pavilion. In other words, whatever was decided there wou

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