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Chapter287 - Black Steamed Buns

Teacher Wu’s battle armor is called Sky Ice, which means he’s Sky Ice Wu Zhangkong. So… what should I call my battle armor then?

Tang Wulin’s blood raced at the thought. He looked forward to the day he obtained his own battle armor.

He didn’t know when he began meditating, but when he awoke, the sun already shone through the window.

He had meditated longer than usual and missed his chance to train his Purple Demon Eyes this morning.

However, Tang Wulin could clearly feel that his cultivation speed was faster than it was before.

“You’re up?” Xie Xie said. “Come on, let’s go eat.”

“Xie Xie, can you feel that?” Tang Wulin asked suspiciously.

Xie Xie nodded and smiled. “I knew you would ask. I feel it too. This Sea God’s Island is extraordinary! The energy here is far thicker than outside. I bet this island is connected to how Shrek Academy is capable of producing so many powerful experts. The speed of our cultivation would increase significantly if we could stay here and cultivate! Why don’t you go see if Grandteacher will let us stay longer? Maybe he’ll let us live here.”

“Keep dreaming.” Tang Wulin wasn’t amused. “Shrek Academy’s rules are very strict, you know. Anyway, let’s get going. Aren’t we gonna eat? I’m about to starve to death.”

He only had one full meal the day before, and that consisted of the steamed buns from the sixth trial. Those buns didn’t pack anywhere near enough nutrition for him!

The wooden table in the living room held a spread of food. The others were already eating when the two boys arrived.

Zhuo Shi pointed at the seat beside him. “Come sit, Wulin.”

“Okay.” Tang Wulin went over to sit.

Zhuo Shi then pointed at a bamboo basket on the table. “Zhangkong told me you have a big stomach, so let’s see how much of this basket you can finish.”

Inside of the basket were odorless, black objects. Tang Wulin couldn’t figure out what they were, but he knew they didn’t look appetizing.

“Alright,” he said.

There were twenty black objects in total. They resembled fist-sized steamed buns. It would be apt to call them black steamed buns.

Tang Wulin scoffed inwardly at the food. This is nothing to my stomach!

He quickly grabbed two buns in each hand. It was now a habit of his to grab as much food as he could at a time. Considering his voracious appetite, he would waste too much time if he ate slowly.

Tang Wulin took a bite of a bun. It was tender and sticky, had a decent texture, gave off the faintest trace of a fishy aroma. No matter how he considered it, this bun could not be called delicious.

However, after chewing it a bit more and swallowing, his expression changed.

He felt a clear wave of warmth travel down his throat and spread throughout his body. His blood essence seemed to react to this and surged toward the source. As it did, that warmth instantly dispelled some of his hunger.

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