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Chapter289 - Tang Wulin the Wicked

The whirlwind of elements grew until it was five meters high. Just when Tang Wulin and the others felt it was about to go berserk, Gu Yue gently said, “Go!”

Spirit Ice Plaza wasn’t dirty to begin with, merely covered in dust. There wasn’t even a single piece of trash in sight.

A bizarre scene played out the moment Gu Yue’s whirlpool landed on the plaza. Dust gathered together, whirling around the hurricane in a frenzy before being sucked inside and leaving the floor as spotless as if it had been scrubbed by a brush.

Gu Yue withdrew her first and third soul skills, leaving only Elemental Control in effect as she followed the whirlpool forward. They began to walk around the plaza, watching everything within its path become clean.

“Wow!” Xu Xiaoyan clapped gleefully.

She really is amazing! Tang Wulin inwardly gave Gu Yue a thumbs up. She was the most skilled master of elements he had ever seen. Moreover, not only could she wield six different elements she could even fuse them together into infinite offensive and defensive moves.

Her future was boundless. She was the first soul master in history to wield so many elements. With fire, water, wind, earth, light, space, and the variant ice attribute, nothing was impossible for her.

If they were ordinary people instead, even two days worth of time wouldn’t be enough to finish cleaning the plaza. Yet, in the face of Gu Yue’s water-and-wind whirlwind sucking in dust and cleaning everything within a twenty meter radius, this task would be completed without breaking much sweat. At their current speed, they would be finished within three hours. This was obviously assuming that Gu Yue’s soul and spiritual power would last.

In truth, Gu Yue was no superhuman. She was forced to recall the now black whirlpool and drain it into sewers after cleaning a third of the plaza. She then walked off to the side and sat down cross-legged to meditate.

“I’d be embarrassed if I let Gu Yue do it all,” Xie Xie mischievously grinned.

Tang Wulin smiled. “Then you can just treat us to dinner tonight.”

Xie Xie saw through Tang Wulin’s scheme, however. “Sure, as long as you’re not coming! Those two girls can’t eat much, but if we add you, I’d be concerned if the restaurant even has enough stock. I swear, your stomach is an endless hole!”

Tang Wulin chuckled. “You’re so insincere.”

“Fine!” Xie Xie ground his teeth as he reluctantly said, “I’ll treat you all to dinner. But! You have to finish those black buns before we go out.”

Those black steamed buns would do well to curb Tang Wulin’s appetite.


They left the rest of the plaza to Gu Yue. In the meantime, Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Xu Xiaoyan would spruce up their dorm room.

They had only received two sets of school uniforms and a Shrek Academy identification card when they were registered.

The card was made of metal and had obvious signs of soul circuits

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