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Chapter282 - One Step to the Heavens! Ten Thousand Refinements of Life!

The difference between spirit and thousand refining was as great as night and day, much like the power of a one-word battle armor versus a two-word’s.

Once spirit refined, the metal sublimated to another level. It was for this reason that fifth-rank blacksmiths were rarer and no weaker mecha craftsmen or designers of the same rank.

To break through the fifth rank, Tang Wulin only needed to successfully spirit refine once. This was considered a major milestone for any blacksmith.

Three years ago, Mang Tian had attempted this, and though he succeeded, it came with a price. Unknown to Tang Wulin, the man had sustained several injuries as a result and could not endure more advanced forging requests from then on.

Mu Chen would never have permitted Tang Wulin to spirit refine if he were present. For this process, the demands placed on the blacksmith’s mind were immense. It could be dangerous for a soul master at Tang Wulin’s level..

Fortunately, Tang Wulin was no ordinary blacksmith.

Compared to his peers, his spiritual power towered over the rest at over two hundred points. With this, he could keep a clear mind as he poured his heart and soul into forging.

Immersed in his connection with the heavy silver, he could feel its joy and timidness. It was afraid of taking the next step, but Tang Wulin coaxed it along.

One step to the heavens! Ten thousand refinements of life!

The ten thousand refinements of life was to continuously connect with the metal. Each tap preserved the spirit of the metal, pouring soul power into it to obtain life.

Cultivating intelligence in metal was similar to that of soul beast. For soul beasts, there was a slight difference in intelligence between a ten-year soul beast and a normal animal. However, a soul beast’s intelligence skyrocketed once it reached the thousand-year level, until breaching the ten-thousand year mark. At that point, its intelligence rivaled a human’s. From there, it accumulated wisdom until it reached the ten-thousand-year level where it was no less intelligent than a human.

Higher leveled soul beasts weren't stronger just because of their energy growing, but also due to their increase in intellect.

Metal was no different. The greater its spirit, the closer the metal was to obtaining its own ego and changing on a fundamental level.

Oddly, under Tang Wulin’s gentle taps, the heavy silver trembled. Each tap coaxed a burst of light, a pattern of a whirling cloud pushing its way into existence on the metal’s surface. As its bulk shrunk, the silver grew brighter and brighter.

This signified a successful spiritual connection between Tang Wulin and the heavy silver, hinting at a smooth process until the end.

Now it was a matter of maintaining this connection and leading the heavy silver to transform and complete its refinement.

Tang Wulin drove his soul power in

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