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Chapter302 - Genius Working Students

“Deal,” Yuanen happily said.

Tang Wulin perceived from Yuanen’s tone that he was selling his thousand refinement for cheap this time, but information could make or break newcomers like him. Besides, Yuanen was only one person. He couldn’t possibly need too many thousand refinements.

“The Academy purchases first-grade thousand refined metal for a minimum of two thousand contribution points.”

The corner of Tang Wulin’s mouth began twitching. “But the working student thousand refining jobs rewards are all one thousand points!”

“That’s because you hadn’t joined the Blacksmith’s Association yet. Aren’t the fees only five percent now that you’ve joined? Apart from us working students who are required to accept a few missions every month, no one will bother with the jobs given by the administration. You’ll only get cheated if you do.”

Tang Wulin said, “Okay. I get it now. It’s a good thing I didn’t find out too late. So I want to ask you, is there some secret about working students? Why do people act strange when they find out I’m a working student?”

“That’s because working students are freaks,” Yuanen answered bluntly. “The Academy usually accepts any person who doesn’t pass the exam but performs spectacularly in one area as a working student. Well, those with extraordinary qualities are admitted as working students too. For example, that Elder Feng you met earlier used to be a working student. Relying on his blacksmithing talent, he graduated from the outer court at the age of thirty-four. But in that same year, he succeeded at soul refining and broke into the seventh rank, becoming a Saint Blacksmith. The Academy made an exception for him, the youngest Saint Blacksmith on the continent, and accepted him into the inner court. Then his cultivation soared. He rose from six to nine rings in twenty years. He became a Title Douluo and an eighth rank Saint Blacksmith. He’s the greatest blacksmith of Shrek Academy and holds an exalted position.

“Working students created a precedent of reaching to the top. In the eyes of ordinary students, working students are unpredictable and absolutely must not be offended. The chances for graduating working students to enter the inner court is thirty percent, much higher than ordinary students. Naturally, we’re under a lot more pressure than them too.

“The Academy established the working student system for those who excelled in one particular field, but didn’t meet the criteria for admittance. But now, after many generations of working students, these two words alone are enough to demand respect from ordinary students in the outer court.”

Tang Wulin finally understood why the administrator had told him not to bring shame to the working students that day.

So then, Elder Cai wasn’t punishing us by making us working students!

“Do you have any other questions?” Yuanen asked.

Tang Wulin said, “I still have a question. You’re

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