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Chapter293 - The Headmaster of the Outercourt

Tang Wulin couldn’t help but ask, “Teacher, besides cleaning the plaza, can we accept other jobs?”

“You want more?” Startled, the administrative teacher looked up from his papers and stared at Tang Wulin with curiosity. It would be more normal for working students to be unaccustomed to doing jobs.

“Yes.” Tang Wulin made a bitter face. Without contribution points, he couldn’t eat! He also couldn’t go out to buy food. When he paid for the bill at the drink shop the night before, the amount had almost given him a heart attack! Everything was far more expensive in Shrek City, and he couldn’t bear to part with his most beloved money.

“Alright, you can.” The administrator handed him a soul screen. “. Look through this list and choose for yourself.”

Xu Xiaoyan, Gu Yue, and Xie Xie peered at the screen over Tang Wulin’s shoulder. At that moment, a young man entered and went to the administrator.

“Teacher, I’ve finished my job.”

“Hmm? The design plans are done? That was quite fast. Yuanen, your efficiency is improving.” The administrative teacher took his card and added contribution points to it.

“Come take another job.”

So his name is Yuanen. Tang Wulin glanced at him. This person’s outer appearance was truly too unassuming for his strength. He had no striking traits and seemed utterly average.

Yuanen quickly selected a job and departed in silence. Throughout the entire time, he had only given Tang Wulin and the others a single nod of acknowledgement. Even then, Tang Wulin believed that this small greeting was only because they were fellow working students.

“I’ll take this one.” Tang Wulin pointed to a first-grade thousand refining job.

The administrative teacher stared at him in surprise. “Are you sure? Your points will be deducted if you fail and you will be expelled if you don’t have enough points to pay for your studies. As working students, all four of you have to pay three hundred contribution points a month as tuition.”

Tang Wulin smiled bitterly. “Teacher, I’m certain.”

Tang Wulin was surprised when, while scrolling through the job list, he found there were just as many thousand refining tasks as Eastsea City.

After thinking it over some more, Tang Wulin realized why. Shrek Academy could not be compared with other places—not a single one of its students aimed to become a mecha pilot. No, they strove to become battle armor masters!

Thousand refined metal was the foundation of one-word battle armors! Though Shrek Academy had stringent requirements to accept a student, the outer court still had over a thousand students. He didn’t understand how the outer court worked yet, but with this large population of prospective battle armor masters, thousand refined metal would definitely be in high demand.

A mere first-grade thousand refined job was worth one thousand points.

The average fourth-rank blacksmith couldn’t produc

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