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Chapter308 - Jade Snake Zheng Yiran

Yang Nianxia ruthlessly slammed the twins onto the ground. Zheng Long and Zheng Hu disappeared in two flashes of light before Zheng Yiran could even react.

“You!” She stood there, stunned beyond belief. Never had she expected that the twin’s poison would be ineffective against Yang Nianxia.

“Hi Zheng Yiran, I’m Yang Nianxia. Please advise me.” Yang Nianxia, without giving her a chance to process the situation, charged toward her like an unstoppable tank.

“You’re seeking death!” Zheng Yiran screamed. A bright green haze covered her as she dashed forward. The snake curled around her arm glowed, then spat green mist at Yang Nianxia.

Yang Nianxia snarled. Dark-gold light burst from his body, disintegrating the mist when they touched. He reached her an instant later.

Zheng Yiran regarded him with icy eyes as she still rushed forth, clearly not intending to dodge. Yang Nianxia was just about to smash into her, when her body went soft as if her bones had liquified and her arm shot out to meet his fist.

Light exploded around her, concealing which soul skill she used. A split second later, she wrapped herself around Yang Nianxia, constricting him.

She lifted up her now jade-green right hand and stabbed it at his neck. At the same time, the snake on her arm glowed again and sprayed another puff of mist at Yang Nianxia’s face.

Yang Nianxia’s third soul ring lit up and he howled, his already enormous bulk growing to three meters in height. Dark-gold fur sprouted all over his body like a bed of steel needles. Light exploded from his body in an attempt to throw Zheng Yiran off of him.

However, unlike Zheng Long and Zheng Hu, she held fast onto Yang Nianxia like glue. Even as the light increased in intensity, she held on. The two were locked in a stalemate.

At that moment, a palm appeared out of nowhere and gently rested on Zheng Yiran’s back. She trembled, then stiffened as a layer of blue frost spread across her back.

Yang Nianxia roared as he tensed his muscles, shattering Zheng Yiran’s frozen body into brilliant shards of ice. A second later, and all that remained of her was a few particles of light.

A girl with long black hair flashed next to Yang Nianxia’s side. She wasn’t particularly pretty, but she had a particular air about her. It was Gu Yue.

She had teleported in and used frost palm on Zheng Yiran, instantly turning the tide of battle.

Yang Nianxia’s body rapidly shrunk back to normal and he turned to Gu Yue to give her a thumbs up.

Gu Yue responded with a polite smile, holding her hands behind her back as if this matter wasn’t worth mentioning.

To Tang Wulin’s astonishment, Gu Yue’s eyes darted toward the bushes he hid in for a fleeting second before shifting away.

Wow! The Spirit Sea realm is amazing. Her perception is so keen now, she instantly discovered me.

Yet, even so, she did not call out to him, nor did he come ou

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