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Chapter279 - Grandteacher?

Shen Yi walked over and bowed to the three elders, then stood to the side.

“The tenth trial is also known as the Three Hall Review. These three elders will evaluate your previous performance in the trials and give you a comprehensive score that will be added to your total,” Shen Yi explained.

Three Hall Review?

But with that Elder Cai who failed us twice here… This trial is…

Tang Wulin glanced at Gu Yue. Though she furrowed her brows, her eyes still shone with a stubborn light.

She’s only short two points! This trial…

The elder in the middle spoke up, his voice deep as he said, “Tang Wulin, come up.”

Tang Wulin hastily stepped forward and bowed.

“Full marks for seven trials and zero for two… Your performance has been remarkable, simply outstanding. You’re brave, wise, and a capable leader. We’ve been watching you the entire time. However, we will hold off on your score until later as we want you to take a makeup trial.”

A makeup trial? Tang Wulin thanked the elder despite his confusion and quickly returned by his companion’s side. With seventy points, he was safe either way.

“Xie Xie,” The grey-haired elder called out.

Xie Xie rushed forward.

“Your talent is slightly higher than average and your situational awareness is poor. However, you have the courage to charge head-first in the face of danger. So, overall, your performance has been satisfactory. You get six points.”

“Thank you, Elder.” Xie Xie let out a breath of relief. He had sixty-one points so he feared getting a negative score the most. After all, his performance in some trials had been quite embarrassing. And yet, unknown to him was that his accomplishments had already surpassed the average.

“Xu Xiaoyan.”

“Your talent is average, but your uniqueness lies in your absolute control with the astrological attribute of your variant martial soul. Not only that, you work well with your team and have a clever mind, undiscouraged by your weaknesses. Your potential is actually quite impressive. So, you get seven points.”

“Thank you, Elder.” Xu Xiaoyan smiled shyly as she returned to her friends. Now she had caught up to Xie Xie.

“Gu Yue.”

Gu Yue went up and bowed.

This time, the grey-haired elder did not say anything. Instead, he looked to the Silver Moon Douluo at his side.

Elder Cai coldly snorted. “Gu Yue, you’re arrogant and insolent. Though you might be gifted, you lack situational awareness and have impacted your entire team with your actions. Not only that, you’re both impulsive and unreasonable. I don’t think you’re suitable for Shrek Academy. One point. Your total is fifty-nine.”

One point? She only gave Gu Yue one point?

Gu Yue raised her head to glare at Elder Cai, biting her lip as she trembled.

The grey-haired elder said, “Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, Xu Xiaoyan, you have been accepted into the academy. Tang Wulin, you will take the fifth trial a

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