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Chapter297 - Working Student Yuanen

In the past, some heaven-defying genius mecha designers and makers had reached the same heights as Tang Wulin at his age. However, it was easier to progress through later stages as a blacksmith than as a designer or maker.

After reaching the fifth rank, blacksmiths only needed to keep forging in order to one day reach the sixth. Designers and makers, on the other hand, had to overcome huge hurdles to progress to each rank after the fifth.

Most people found designing or making mechas more appealing, and due to the fast rate of growth early on, many chose to become designers or makers. Not all soul masters were suited for blacksmithing. Forging took a toll on one’s body, and it was a tedious job.

Tang Wulin’s stomach growled. It had been ten minutes since he had begun advertising at the door, yet no one had so much as looked at him.

Gloom haunted Tang Wulin as he fought back his hunger. I’m starving! If no one bites, then I’ll just have to chug some water to fill my stomach. At least I’ll earn one thousand points after completing the forging job and have enough for dinner. If I have to miss a meal, there’s nothing I can do about it.

Tang Wulin came to terms with his misfortune with gritted teeth.

All of a sudden, he heard a soft voice.

“You can thousand refine?”

“Huh?” Tang Wulin raised his head and to his astonishment, saw his fellow working student, Yuanen. “Yeah! That’s right!”

Yuanen looked as ordinary as he usually did, but his eyes blazed with intensity.

“Instead of treating you for a year, I’ll give you 1100 points for a first-grade thousand refining,” Yuanen offered. “What do you say?”

Eleven hundred? That’s more than what the Academy is offering!

“Alright!” Tang Wulin had no reason to refuse. Right now, food was the most important thing. “But you have to pay me first. I don’t have any money to buy food.”

“Fine. You cover the transaction fee though,” Yuanen said.

“Transaction fee?” Tang Wulin exclaimed, confusion on his face.

“All contribution point transactions between students are subject to a one percent fee that the Academy takes,” Yuanen explained.

That’s horrible! Absolutely criminal! Tang Wulin thought in horror.

“How about you just treat me to a meal instead?” Tang Wulin countered “You won’t have to pay me directly.”

Tang Wulin calculated the costs and came to the conclusion that, if he didn’t gorge himself as much as he did yesterday, 1100 points would be enough to feed him for the day.

After yesterday, however, he understood how important it was for him to eat good food.

Highly nutritious food helped increase his blood essence. Furthermore, Old Tang said that breaking later seals would be easier if he ate such food every day. An increase to his blood essence meant an improvement in his body as well as his blood essence soul ring, so eating was another method of cultivation for him.

During tod

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