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Chapter299 - The Might of Spirit Refined

Tang Wulin’s hammers weighed so little to him, he might as well have been holding air. Due to the spirit refinement, they were connected to Tang Wulin as an extension of his own body. Even though their weight meant nothing to him now, he could still feel the recoil from every blow he struck against the iron. That recoil was enough to tell him that the hammers, despite not increasing in size, were twofold heavier than they were before.

The stacking effect of the hammers still remained, but Tang Wulin was surprised to discover that the number of stacks increased by one. Each of his hammers now stacked three times. On top of this, he could now make use of the connection between himself and his hammers to sense and control the power of each individual stack, making every strike more precise than it had ever been before.

The strangest change he noticed was the way his soul power naturally flowed into his hammers, which not only empowered his strikes, but also enabled him to enlarge the hammers at will.

That one blow from his spirit refined hammer was now more effective than five strikes from his thousand refined hammer.

A ringing peal echoed through the air as Tang Wulin’s hammers cleaved into the two pieces of meteoric iron, despite the extreme density that made it notoriously difficult to forge. The iron was nothing before his soul power imbued strikes and the stacking effect of his hammers.

So this is the effect of spirit refining! Not only does it help me forge even better, it also helps bridge the gap between me and the metal. It tells me what the metal is feeling and how best to forge it!

The instant Tang Wulin’s hammers descended, the eyes of the red-haired man behind him flashed with astonishment.

Spirit refined forging hammers?

But immediately after the thought occurred to him, the man furrowed his brow. Are those hammers the reason he can perform such high-level forging? If someone forged those hammers for him, it would only be natural he would be ahead of his peers. But then that would mean his foundation is lacking.

Tang Wulin continued his forging, completely obliterating the man’s presumptions in the process.

Tang Wulin raised his hammer into the air, beginning to twist his body at the same time.

This was a secret art of the Tang Sect—the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique!

This was one of the first arts that Tang Wulin bought from the Tang Sect. The Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique utilized the centripetal force that a person created by winding up their body, channeling it into their hammers. As one continued to build momentum, winding up their body strike after strike, the power in their hammers increased. The only drawback that this technique had was the recoil. The user had to be strong enough to endure it.

Before he succeeded at spirit refining, Tang Wulin had only been able to use his innate divine strength and Go

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