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Chapter301 - Titan Giant Ape Martial Soul

“Alright. Do you have a blacksmith’s badge? I’ll begin your registration. In case you’re not aware, Shrek Blacksmith’s Association goes by rules similar to those governing other Blacksmith’s Associations across the continent.” The clerk glanced at the badge in Tang Wulin’s hand as he continued his explanation, “The greater the blacksmith, the greater their authority…”

It was an orange badge with four yellow stars on it.

T-this badge’s color scheme... He’s a fourth-rank blacksmith?

Although fourth-rank blacksmiths weren’t too hard to find at Shrek Academy, he hadn’t encountered one this young before!

The average age of Shrek Blacksmith’s Association members trended higher than those of other campus associations. After all, blacksmithing required a long accumulation of experience and a lengthy sharpening of skill..

When Tang Wulin had first stepped foot into the room, the clerk was intrigued. When the fourth-rank badge came into the picture, he was astounded.

Is that real?

Trembling hands took hold of the badge, slipping it into a tiny slot on the identification device. A detailed record of the owner’s personal information would be swiftly retrieved, regardless of their profession.

“Tang Wulin. Male. Born in Glorybound City. Member of Eastsea Blacksmith’s Association. F-fourth-rank blacksmith. Second place winner of the junior division blacksmithing tournament, Skysea Alliance Tournament. Total number of completed forging missions…”

His voice dipped lower and lower as Tang Wulin’s picture flashed on the screen, confirming his identity.

The clerk didn’t doubt who he was; it was impossible to fabricate the information on the badge. Not to mention, counterfeits were so easy to expose that it wasn’t worth the time making them.

Meanwhile, Yuanen was frozen by Tang Wulin’s side.

He’s a fourth-rank blacksmith?

He’d guessed Tang Wulin was talented, judging by how Feng Wuyu had personally recruited him, but never had he imagined the youth sported such a high rank!

Fourth-rank professionals were rare in the fourth grade, not to mention the first grade. People of such caliber only became common in the fifth and sixth grades.

I’ve found a treasure! Since he’s a fourth-rank blacksmith, he has to be capable of second-grade thousand refining at the very least!

“Here’s your badge back,” the young man said, his tone clearly more polite than before. As a fellow blacksmith, he understood better than Yuanen the unprecedented genius a thirteen-year-old fourth-rank blacksmith represented, how much it shook the foundations of blacksmithing history! Perhaps the Academy bent the rules and made an exception in order to recruit him for his rich talent.

“You’re a working student?” the young man asked.

Tang Wulin nodded.

The clerk held his stare and something flashed within his eyes, something close to understanding. “I’ll explain how the p

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