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Chapter283 - Spirit Refined

The moment Tang Wulin switched to a blood essence bridge, he sensed the heavy silver’s life diminishing and his heart nearly leaped out of his throat.

However, before scales had popped from his arm, his blood essence ignited and flowed into the heavy silver, feeding it the life force needed to stabilize.

With blood essence pouring into it, the heavy silver gained a faint golden luster, a glint of crimson melding with its silver radiance as well.

He’s substituting soul power with blood essence?

As the three elders looked at each other, dismay plagued their expressions.

Yet, Tang Wulin’s eyes glistened.

I can do this! I can replace my soul power with blood essence to spirit refine!

Rather than unaware of the heavy silver’s scorching temperature, he had chosen not to summon his scales previously and let his hand burn!

Blood essence seeped out of the gaps between his scales, the heavy silver gurgling as it drank it up. Peculiarly, as his hammering slowed, a portion of the heavy silver would separate and attach to his hammers upon contact.

This scene baffled Tang Wulin himself. However, he paid it no mind. His hammers cheered with each strike against the heavy silver, and with his blood essence connection, the sensation was crystal clear.

This was the blood sacrifice’s basic effect. Since his hammers were of the highest quality and had undergone the blood sacrifice, and he was currently pouring his blood essence into the heavy silver, they could transform to the next level.

The chunk of heavy silver grew smaller and smaller and Tang Wulin’s right hand dropped lower with each strike. Meanwhile, his hammers gained a faint layer of gold. The cloud patterns underwent metamorphosis, now resembling a ferocious dragon baring its fangs.

The heavy silver absorbed his blood essence quicker than it did his soul power. Exhaustion penetrated into his bones.

I have to hold on! I must! He was determined to create a miracle.

A wonderful melody rang through the air, brought out by the tinkling of metal.

At this moment, everyone was on the eve of witnessing a miracle.

The silver glow weakened, the gold attaching itself to Tang Wulin’s hammers.

At last, an ounce of heavy silver remained; the rest had been absorbed by his hammers. Tang Wulin trembled, coughing up a mouthful of blood onto the metal’s remnants.

He shuffled a hammer into his hand and, holding it high above his head, struck down like lightning!

Thunder boomed as golden light soared one and a half meters into the air. Yet, the most baffling part was the dragon’s roar rumbling past the pillar of light, as if a real dragon was soaring to the heavens. The golden light burst with an aura of life, a peculiar sensation for everyone present. The heavy silver had gained life and was declaring its existence for all to hear!

It was born!

The thousand refinements with spirit, ten thousand

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