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Chapter303 - Mu Chen Resigns

The look Yuanen shot Yue Zhengyu was cold enough to freeze. “This area is for working students only. Please leave. Are you aware of the consequences for private battles on campus?”

Yue Zhengyu snorted, eyes flashing with irritation. “Private battles are not permitted on the Academy’s premises. But swapping pointers? That’s a different story. It’s pretty much encouraged. In fact, come join me in a spar if you think you’ve got what it takes.”

“Not interested.” Without sparing him another glance, Yuanen left for the dormitory, footsteps trailing behind him.

“You!” Yue Zhengyu cut himself short before he boiled over. Somehow, he had the sense of mind to understand his place; it wouldn’t do for him to erupt here. Chest heaving, he huffed, “You’re hiding an evil soul master. It wouldn’t be in your best interests to cover for her.”

Yuanen stopped mid-step, turning his neck and fixing him with a heated glare. “Evil soul master? The Academy has judged there to be nothing of the sort here, so who are you to say there are?”

Yue Zhengyu returned his stare, intense. “I saw it with my own eyes.”

“Then think of a way to prove it,” Yuanen said dismissively. “Let me remind you that only working students can enter the working student dormitory. If you set foot in our territory, by the Academy’s rules, we have the right to deal with you as we see fit. You’ll be disciplined harshly as well.”

There are rules in place for the working student dormitory? Tang Wulin’s eyes popped. Being a working student seemed more attractive than ever.

“You! What’s so amazing about working students!” Yue Zhengyu scoffed in disdain.

“I invite you to try something then. Can I take your words as a declaration of war against all working students?” Word after word of Yuanen stabbed into Yue Zhengyu like daggers.

Yue Zhengyu’s determined expression wavered. He had some understanding of working students. For one, they were basically a group of geniuses. Disregarding the current batch, working students of previous generations had stepped foot within the inner court, cultivating much power and influence, rising up to become inner court elites.

“Of course I have a way to prove it!” Yue Zhengyu narrowed his eyes so tight they resembled slits. A crafty smile crawled its way across his lips in the meanwhile. With a soft thud, his feet touched the ground, and he flicked one last glance at Yuanen before leaving.

At the sight of the other man’s departure, Tang Wulin approached Yuanen’s side. “Do we really not have a red-haired student here?”

Yuanen furrowed his brows. “Why are you asking too?”

Following this question, Tang Wulin recounted what he had witnessed at the drink shop back then. At the end of his story, a crack appeared in Yuanen’s calm mask, though he shook his head. “I’m absolutely certain there isn’t anyone like that here. Anyway, I’m going to return first.”

Watching him leave, Tang W

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