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Chapter292 - The Holy Angel and the Fallen Angel

The golden radiance of this young man that had been harassing the waitress stunned Tang Wulin. His entire being emitted an aura of holiness. A pair of pure white wings unfolded from the man’s back, and his holy aura skyrocketed.


Three soul rings rose from beneath the golden-haired young man.

The truly shocking thing, however, was that all three were purple!

The red-haired girl not far from the man turned around, her expression glacial and grave. She eyed him coldly then spread her arms. Darkness began swirling around her, twisting and shifting as a pair of jet-black wings extended from her back, a dark aura now surrounding her.


Those white wings… Tang Wulin thought to himself. They should belong to the legendary martial soul, the Holy Angel! But then... what are those black wings?

“It seems like I was right.” The man in white smiled. He flapped his wings, golden light radiating from his body. “Just as I thought. How interesting. So very… interesting…”

The girl stared at him with an icy expression. She flapped her wings, lifting herself from the ground as two purple soul rings appeared beneath her.

“Two rings versus three rings,” the man in white said. “You don’t stand a chance. Just surrender and let me take you to be judged.”

The girl pursed her lips. Her eyes flashed and darkness enveloped her.

“Trying to run?” The golden-haired man snorted, his first soul ring shining as golden light erupted from his body.

The man’s holy radiance dispelled the encroaching darkness and spread toward the girl. He thrust a hand forward as his second soul ring lit up, commanding the holy light to surge toward the girl enveloped in a violet-black aura.

With a flap of his wings, he flew at her.

“I already told you,” he said. “You have two rings and I have three. You don’t stand a chance against me, so stop resisting.”

Seeing the man rushing at her, a sneer surfaced on the girl’s face. She furled her wings again and withdrew her martial soul.

“This is Shrek, you dumbass.”

A sharp wave of force split the clouds and obliterated the light and the darkness. The force pressed down on the golden-haired man, suppressing him and forcing him to the ground.

A tall man appeared in the sky. His figure was indistinct, but his imposing voice reverberated throughout the street.

“Who dares break the laws of Shrek City?”

The golden-haired man answered first.

“Honorable enforcer, I am the Angel Clan’s Yue Zhengyu, a student from the second grade’s class one. I discovered a Fallen Angel on campus, and as everyone knows, Fallen Angels always become evil soul masters. In light of that, I chose to take action and capture her to take her to my clan for judgement.”

His words had no effect on the girl. She simply took a card out of her pocket and presented it to the enforcer. “Respected enforcer, I am a working student

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