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Chapter246 - The Surprising Auction

“The next time an Azure-veined Vine will be auctioned is in three days, with the bids starting at eight in the evening. I believe there are three sets available.” Ruo Ling said, a smile so sweet it could cause diabetes.

Wu Zhangkong frowned. “If I want to buy a high-grade vine immediately, how would I do so?” It had been years since he last visited this auction and rarely did he visit any auction in general.

Ruo Ling hesitated for a moment, biting back her words as she organized her thoughts. “According to our rules, we’re not allowed to sell items directly. But I can make an exception for someone as honorable as you. An instant purchase will cost twenty-percent more than the estimated sales price. We can offer an accurate quote once you’ve considered it.”

Wu Zhangkong turned to face Tang Wulin. “How about it?”

An extra twenty percent? That’s a lot of money! Tang Wulin’s heart hurt at the mere thought of it. The listed price for a high-grade vine was five million federal coins. With twenty percent added on, he’d be shelling out six million!

Yes, he saved up a small fortune over the years, but that had been earned with his sweat and blood!

“Teacher Wu, isn’t the auction in just three days?” Tang Wulin answered finally, though not without some hesitation.

Their eyes met, teacher and student communicating in silence before the former nodded. “Fine. Give us two auction tickets. We’ll come bid for the vine in three days.”

“Alright. Please wait a moment. I will go handle this.” Ruo Ling agreed with a smile before leaving. In the brief period she had been in contact with Wu Zhangkong, she understood that he was not one to offend. She was less than a speck in his eyes.

After obtaining tickets to the auction, Wu Zhangkong left for the inn with Tang Wulin in tow. Everything had been left to Tang Wulin to decide without Wu Zhangkong making a single remark or suggestion.

In truth, Tang Wulin had been nervous. Not only was the Shrek exam in a week, but he had to wait three days before he could lay hands on the Azure-veined Vine. That left him with four days to break the seal. Luckily, his body was stronger than it had been during the first unsealing. As such, he should just make it.

His nerves settled at this epiphany, relief swallowing him whole.

Tang Wulin cultivated in his room until the day of the auction. Xie Xie followed suit, his friend’s diligence rubbing off on him, even though he knew deep down that sharpening the spear at the last minute was pointless.

Three days later, Tang Wulin and Wu Zhangkong returned to the auction house.

They were led immediately to the VIP seats. Only two types of people could be found here: those with money and those with strength. Wu Zhangkong belonged to the latter.

The auction beat Eastsea City’s in grandness by a longshot. Every single item auctioned was a rarity and the mood was soon set.

“The elevent

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