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Chapter263 - I Don't Want To!

“Girl, do you want to become my disciple?” she asked with a smile.

Gu Yue was taken aback, but immediately shook her head. “I don’t want to.”

“You don’t want to?” The old lady was dumbstruck. “Why?”

“No reason. I just don’t want to.”

“Gu Yue, don’t speak like that.” Shen Yi quickly approached to reprimand her. “Do you have any idea who this is? Elder Cai is an elder of Shrek Academy’s most guarded Sea God’s Pavilion. Her title is Silver Moon. She’s the Silver Moon Douluo that stands at the summit of the continent! You’re lucky to have the chance to become her disciple!”

Obviously, none of the students were familiar with of this esteemed old lady before.

However, the mere mention of the Silver Moon Douluo sent shivers down countless people’s spines.

Six years ago, she had a reputation throughout the continent as a heaven-shaking eccentric, yielding to no one and always doing as she pleased. Her common rampages had flipped the entire soul master world upside down. Peace only returned to the continent when Shrek Academy dispatched people to retrieve her. Like so, she vanished without a trace from the public’s eyes.

Gu Yue met Shen Yi’s eyes, but she gnawed at her lip, shaking her head again. “She hit Wulin so I don’t want to be her disciple.”

Neither Elder Cai nor Shen Yi had expected this to be Gu Yue’s problem! Her petulant behavior was actually fueled by Elder Cai’s punch that had sent Tang Wulin flying.

Disgruntled, Elder Cai said, “Nonsense! That kid’s claw is special! If I hadn’t used some strength to send him flying, his claw would have gripped my old bones and injured me. I didn’t even harm him.”

The two middle-aged examiners were stunned at the elder’s outburst. There’s an apology hidden in her words! She’s actually apologizing to a thirteen-year-old kid?

Gu Yue turned to face Tang Wulin.

“Gu Yue, I’m fine! Really! Think about this carefully!” The words tumbled out of Tang Wulin’s mouth, clumsily and without grace. He understood how great an opportunity this was.

Gu Yue turned back to Elder Cai, her eyes earnest. “Wherever they are, I will also be. We won’t be separated. If they enter the inner court, then I’ll enter too.”

“Why are you such a handful? Fine, have it your way then. I don’t care anymore.” Elder Cai flicked her sleeve before storming off.

Elder Cai’s fury shocked Shen Yi. A moment later, she quickly followed to explain on behalf of the students, but Elder Cai would not have it.

Tang Wulin approached Gu Yue, tugging her arm. “Why did you do that? Why did you let such an amazing chance slip away? Didn’t you see how strong that Elder Cai is? She’s a nine-ringed Title Douluo! And her weakest soul ring is still at the thousand-year level! She even has a hundred-thousand-year red soul ring! Do you have any idea how rare people at her level are on this continent? I can’t believe you turned down her offer.”

Gu Yue

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