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Chapter267 - The Snow Leopard of Ten

Tang Wulin’s movements slowed down as the temperature lowered even further and a layer of ice formed on the ground. His Bluesilver Grass continued to whip at the pursuing leopard, but his soul power was quickly depleting.

Despite his situation, Tang Wulin kept running and exhaling white fog with each breath.

“Hmph! Let’s finish this already.” A streak of blue flashed through the girl’s eyes as her third soul ring lit up. She leaned forward and dashed toward Tang Wulin, reaching out towards him with her right hand. A white light enveloped her, sending an overflowing sensation of strength through her body.

Behind her appeared the image of a giant Snow Leopard swiping its claw at Tang Wulin.

Her third soul skill, Snow Leopard Claw, was a thousand-year level soul skill with both spiritual and physical attributes. Anyone it struck would become dizzy for five seconds and endure extreme cold to the point of freezing. It even possessed the ability to send opponents flying.

That was when the girl noticed a golden flash in Tang Wulin’s eyes. The grass around him sprung into the air and then dove into the frosty ground, striking at the leopard behind him, and at the Snow Leopard Claw.

The leopard received the attack in its entirety and disintegrated into snowflakes, while the Snow Leopard Claw met the Bluesilver Impaling Array in an explosive clash.

In the end, the gap in soul power proved too deep. The Bluesilver Impaling Array was routed into the icy ground which left the Snow Leopard Claw a clear path to Tang Wulin.

He sent out a punch with his right fist to meet the attack, but he was promptly sent flying backward with a loud bang.

Let’s see if you can still endure this. Is having two thousand-year soul rings even that amazing? The girl wore the smile of a victor. She was confident that, at the very least, the Snow Leopard Claw’s extreme cold would sap Tang Wulin of all his fighting strength, not to mention the dizzying effect. The leopard previously destroyed by the Bluesilver Impaling Array had also scattered into snowflakes, dropping the arena’s temperature even lower. She couldn’t see any way for Tang Wulin to continue fighting back.

However, though he had been sent flying, Tang Wulin didn’t crash into the floor and a sudden descent of snow obscured his figure from her eyes.

It was cold, but not nearly frigid enough to stifle him. He willed his bloodline into power, speeding up his blood circulation to expel the chill from his body. With his bloodline in effect, the cold now had little effect on him.

Tang Wulin stooped down towards the ground before dashing out to the side, using the cover of the snow to create some distance from the girl.

As for the Snow Leopard Claw’s dizzying effect…

The skill hit Tang Wulin’s right arm, but his golden scales made first contact, so the dizzying effect couldn’t spread to the rest of his body. At the same

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