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Chapter247 - Ready

After storing a black box in his storage ring, Tang Wulin followed Wu Zhangkong into a taxi.

“Are you using those spirit items immediately once we return?” Wu Zhangkong asked Tang Wulin.

“Mn.” Tang Wulin was still the picture of agitation. So much money! I wasted so much money! I’m practically burning money to break each seal.

His only comfort was the increase in his strength per unsealing. If not for that, his money would have been wasted.

Three years of fulfilling blacksmithing orders culminated into just four spirit items. If not for the items, he would have been able to afford to learn the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track.

Apart from Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon, he had also exchanged contribution points for some grappling techniques and the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique. The former increased his close combat prowess while the latter improved his forging. Supposedly, the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique was developed by a great clan from an era long gone. It was the clan of the Tang Sect’s revered founder, Tang San—the Clear Sky Clan.

As time progressed, the Clear Sky Clan faded into oblivion, leaving behind the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique as its sole legacy. The technique could be used both in battle and for blacksmithing, perfect for Tang Wulin and his innate divine strength.

However, the Tang Sect still had many arts he still wished to learn. A couple arts that he had been most taken with were the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track and the Soft Bone Eight Stage Drop, the latter which was formidable in close-combat.

To put it harshly, Tang Wulin’s body was inhuman. Not only did he possess overwhelming strength, he also had astonishing flexibility that enabled him to learn this technique. Alas, his wallet woefully light at present and it would take him ages to accrue enough points for the Soft Bone Eight Stage Drop.

Naturally, if he reached the Spirit Refinement realm, he would accomplish that goal much faster.

Tang Wulin didn’t like being stingy, but he had no other choice! Everything required money. He needed money to attempt spirit refining and break his seals. Not to mention, in order to become a battle armor master, just having enough cash stashed for a rainy day wasn’t going to cut it. He needed mountains of gold, rivers of coins, and that was just the tip of the iceberg. No, if he didn’t practice frugality now, he’d be in for a big surprise in the future.

“How long do you estimate it will take?” Wu Zhangkong asked.

The helpless shake of his student’s head was his answer.

Wu Zhangkong knitted his brows. “If you don’t even know how long it will take, then why did you choose to bid on the vine?”

The corner of Tang Wulin’s mouth twitched. Teacher Wu, do you really have to rub salt in my wounds? I’m already so poor!

“I, I just wanted to save some money…” Tang Wulin muttered.

Wu Zhangkong didn’t mind twisting

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