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Chapter271 - Bizarre Battle

In reality, it really did play out this way.

Student number one’s eyes glinted as his first soul ring lit up. He shot his hand into the air, an illusory sphere of light materializing close to his palm, strands of blue, green, and white light dancing around his fingers.

He chanted a few verses and a protrusion clawed its way out of the initial sphere. Once it reached the ground, it transformed into an enormous illusory hound.

The hound’s body was lit in a wreath of flames, and as the yellow and orange grew brighter and more turbulent, its shape began to resemble a lion. Though smaller than lion-type soul beasts, it still seemed domineering.

A lion mastiff?

Is this a soul skill or a spirit soul?

Tang Wulin was in awe. Could it be a summoning-type martial soul? But this lion mastiff doesn’t look like something a Soul Elder should be able to summon!

The lion mastiff roared at the heavens, the air trembling at its declaration of might. Its gaze landed on Gu Yue, killing intent almost tangible.

“Materialize!” Student number one jabbed a finger at the beast, conducting rays of light into its form. In an instant, the lion mastiff’s body became more corporeal.

“Little Lion, go!” Student number one was dead set on Gu Yue’s defeat. Like a flash of lightning, the lion mastiff pounced on her.

He has three purple soul rings, so that means he only has one spirit soul. Since the summoned beast has a name, maybe that’s his spirit soul?

Never before had Tang Wulin witness someone using their spirit soul as the primary means of battle. But it was nothing too bizarre in Shrek Academy.

It wasn’t as if Gu Yue stood twiddling her thumbs while her opponent prepared his attack. She waved her hands in the air in a controlled beat, her three twinkling soul rings revolving around her. Then, her rhythm changed. All three soul rings lit up at once, trembling slightly in unison. Which soul skill she was using was anyone’s guess.

In a flash of azure light, Gu Yue conjured a ball of ice in her palm that was half a meter in diameter. She slapped it again and again, and the sphere of frozen water trembled with each strike.

The lion mastiff charged at her. As it accelerated in speed, its fur stuck out like the tail end of a blazing meteor.

Yet, Gu Yue was the picture of boredom. To her, this was nothing more than a chore. She shot an ice ball at the beast when it neared..

Her next action was incomprehensible to class zero. Gu Yue began walking back toward Tang Wulin with her back to the lion mastiff.

Just what is she doing?

While almost everyone was flabbergasted, the lion mastiff stretched its maw wide, firing a scorching golden-red fireball.

However, the meeting of fire and ice played out breathtakingly.

The ice ball exploded into countless icicles, all homing toward the lion mastiff. Jaws dropped when the projectiles flickered, changing from a frigid b

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