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Chapter273 - Survive

Now that Tang Wulin is a real freak. He got full marks in six trials. I can’t make heads or tails of him. His martial soul is plain old Bluesilver Grass, but that golden soul ring...It’s definitely unrelated to his martial soul. He hasn’t had any trouble so far either. Throughout the entire exam, he has steadily progressed, getting one full score after another.

Though his talents aren’t great, his strength is formidable. This isn’t the fruit of just his potential, but his potential combined with his temperament.

Gu Yue is far ahead of the rest of class zero in talent and potential. But in overall strength and temperament, Tang Wulin shines the brightest and fully deserves the position of captain.

Senior brother, your insight is so great!

Thoughts weighing on her mind, Shen Yi led the four students into a small room.

This room was different from the rest so far. The lighting was dim and the surroundings lacked lavish decorations, with only a single large screen hanging from the metal walls.

A sense of familiarity flooded the four students. This place seems similar to the spirit ascension platform! Is the ninth trial like that?

“Your goal for the ninth trial is to survive. I believe you’ve all been in the spirit ascension platform before. Well, this is similar to that. In a sense, all the soul beasts in it are real. If you kill one and are at a bottleneck, then you’ll be able to gain a soul ring. Alright. Prepare to enter.” Shen Yi pressed a button and several metal capsules slid out of the walls.


When Gu Yue, Xie Xie, and Xu Xiaoyan had heard this, they shifted their gazes in Tang Wulin’s direction, eyes brimming with confidence.

After receiving a paltry three points from the previous trial, Xie Xie had felt anxious. The details of the ninth trial blew away all his insecurities.

They had spent countless days in the spirit ascension platform over the years, so anything that resembled that would be a walk in the park. As long as they didn’t jump head-first at a high-level beast, of course.

In that case, Tang Wulin’s leadership and the team’s coordination would pull through splendidly. Together, they were unbeatable.

“Teacher Shen, will we be taking this trial together?” Tang Wulin asked.

Shen Yi eyed him. “Yes. No matter the number of participants, they will all take the trial together. This trial tests your coordination in addition to your ability to survive. You all came together, so you have an advantage here. Good luck.”

“Thank you, Teacher Shen.”

The four examinees split up and entered the metal capsules. This marked the start of the ninth trial.

Unknown to the four, two people entered the room after the capsules slid back into the walls. Among them was a cranky old lady they were all too familiar with, the Silver Moon Douluo!

An old man was by her side. His nose was high and his deep-blue eyes sunken. He stood tall with gray

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