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Chapter260 - The Fourth Trial

Soul skills that produce clones weren’t anything special, and were actually a common sight among agility-type soul masters. Three clones were fairly impressive, but still couldn’t be considered much to Shrek Academy. Six clones, however, were a different story, especially since half of them were invisible.

Thirty seconds later, the three clones merged back into one figure. Sweat dripped from Xie Xie’s forehead as he bowed to the three teachers three times. “I’m finished with my performance.”

The old lady looked at him with interest. “Kid, your twin martial souls are similar to one another, correct?”

“Yes, that’s right.” Xie Xie wasn’t surprised at the elder’s insight into his secret. This was Shrek Academy after all!

The old lady nodded. “Not bad, but you still lack control. You’ve only scratched the surface of the Tang Sect’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. Don’t try to rush progress and don’t bite off more than you can chew. Refine your Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track more before giving all of your clones the same abilities. Furthermore, your spiritual power is too weak at the moment. It’s impossible for you to have complete control over three clones at once. Focus on strengthening your spiritual power first. If you can reach the Spirit Sea realm within three years, your future will be boundless.”

Xie Xie had been quite proud of himself. With his Twin Dragon Clones, each one utilizing Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track against one target, he considered himself quite formidable.

However, he couldn’t say a single word to refute the old lady’s criticism. She had hit each nail right on the head, pinpointing each and every one of his weaknesses.

Xie Xie happily bowed once more, his head nearly dipping below his knees. Admiration welled from the bottom of his heart.

“Thank you for your guidance. I will do my best to improve myself.”

“Mn.” The old lady nodded. “Next.”

Xie Xie returned to the others in humiliation, shoulders drooping and his face bitter. The next person to go up was Xu Xiaoyan. Similar to Xie Xie, she had received some instructions from Tang Wulin.

“What’s wrong with you? Are you depressed?” Tang Wulin asked Xie Xie softly.

Xie Xie laughed bitterly in response. “That’s right! I originally thought I was pretty amazing, but I don’t think I did too well in this trial.”

Tang Wulin smiled calmly. “It’s fine. Actually, I think it’s the opposite. I bet you scored quite highly. That grandmother is clearly the central figure among the three teachers. If she thought you were rotten wood that couldn’t be carved, would she have given you so much advice? Besides, we’re students! We came to Shrek to learn. What would be the point of coming if we already know everything?”

Xie Xie was dumbstruck.

That’s right! I’m not horrible, that grandmother was just telling me how to make future progress!

Tang Wulin patted him on the leg. “Let’s watch.”

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