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Chapter249 - Dignity and the Future

It only took moments from when the golden mark first appeared for Tang Wulin’s entire body to be covered in a network of golden streaks. It gave him an air of resplendence.

Once the golden lines appeared, his breathing calmed down. He seemed to be adapting to the scorching pain.

The golden lines pulsed intermittently, spreading a peculiar energy which enveloped his body. It wasn’t soul power, but something far more special.

Wu Zhangkong narrowed his eyes at the sight. He used only his senses to silently investigate.

His blood essence is so powerful!

It was inconceivable for someone’s blood to course so vigorously.

Golden scales emerged on Tang Wulin’s right arm, stopping just shy of turning into the dragon claw. In contrast with their usual appearance, however, the current scales were far more brilliant and jagged. A golden radiance shone through them in a dazzling display.

Tang Wulin’s frame trembled gently when the water began to bubble, seemingly boiling him alive.

The golden pattern covering his body became more distinct as it began emitting a rumbling noise. Streams of golden air left through his nose and mouth, with each breath serving to further refine his body.

His bloodline really is getting refined.

Wu Zhangkong nodded to himself. He could now be certain this endeavor would prove beneficial for Tang Wulin and that he could bear it.

Three days later.

“Zhangkong, why are you staying in a place like this? Why not pick a place closer to the academy?” Shen Yi frowned as she inspected his ordinary room.

Wu Zhangkong calmly replied, “It’s enough as long as I can rest here. What difference does it make if I stay somewhere else? Besides, I don’t like how noisy it is near the academy. ”

He had already contacted Shen Yi before departing for Shrek City.

The Skysea Alliance had a little more than one hundred quotas for Shrek’s entrance exam each time, and it was only after racking his brains and making many compromises that President Yu Zhen had been able to acquire four of them.

Naturally, these four quotas were for the outer court exam. Considering their standing in the Alliance, the Eastsea Academy had no way of procuring any of the prized inner court exam slots.

Shen Yi had been caught off guard by Wu Zhangkong’s sudden call, but she rejoiced when she heard he wanted to bring his disciples to take the exam. Her joy sprung once from the news of his return, and twice at the thought of his promising disciples.

They had left a deep impression on her three years earlier, during the Skysea Alliance Tournament. Their captain had a keen awareness of the situation and was decisive enough to sacrifice himself for the sake of his teammate. In her eyes, Tang Wulin stood out among the others. Following closely, however, was Gu Yue. When Tang Wulin was gravely injured, she chose to give up some of her own life force to heal hi

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