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Chapter240 - Spirit Ascension Platform Guardian

Gu Yue shook her head in a gentle manner. “No. As far as I know, the spirit ascension platform isn’t a true illusory world. It’s actually a mix of illusions and reality. The elementary level is the least authentic, but that’s not to say it’s entirely fake. If not, how could we absorb spirit energy?”

“Since a soul bone appeared, that means the beast we just killed was a spirit ascension platform guardian.”

“Spirit ascension platform guardian? What do you mean?” Tang Wulin asked. Clearly, Gu Yue was privy to many details unknown by outsiders.

Gu Yue said, “Whether it is the elementary, intermediate, or advanced level, each possesses a guardian. The spirit ascension platform is actually one entity split into three sections with different entrances. To separate the levels and to prevent soul masters from crossing over to another section, the Spirit Pagoda designates a guardian per level. Only an extremely formidable soul beast can be given such a title.

“In theory, no one with less than five rings should be able to kill that Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear. They never expected it to die by our hands. Also, because the guardians are more powerful than normal beasts, they require much more energy as well as a soul bone to create. Basically, the true reward for killing it is its soul bone. You can’t bring it outside of the spirit ascension platform, so you better fuse with the soul bone here. There’s no other way to keep it with you.”

Tang Wulin was dumbstruck. “But I didn’t kill it alone. We brought it down together. Anyone can fuse with it, not just me…”

Gu Yue rolled her eyes. “Just what are you thinking in that head of yours? Do you think my body is strong enough? Do you think fusing with the soul bone of a Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear is a walk in the park? None of us are compatible with it, so even if we tried, we’d be devoured. Maybe even killed. Then the soul bone would be wasted. You’re the only one who can absorb it and furthermore, there’s a chance it’ll complement your golden dragon claw. Now chop chop. We don’t have all day.”

“But like you said, I already have my golden dragon claw. Wouldn’t it be a waste to add on the Duskgold Dreadclaw?” Hesitation still gripped him, the uneasy and indecisive thoughts running circles in his mind.

Gu Yue frowned. “Of course not. In fact, it’ll strengthen your dragon claw even more. The Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear’s strongest part is its right claw. What’s more amazing is that its core is the right claw soul bone. What we have here should be an external soul bone and not one of the normal six.”

Typically, soul masters could fuse with up to six soul bones: the skull, the torso, and the four limb bones.

However, there were some peculiar or variant soul bones outside of the typical six. These were the external soul bones, and they were far more precious.

“Captain, you should just go for it. If it wasn’t for you, we never

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