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Chapter242 - Passing the Exam

Wu Zhangkong hadn’t watched it happen despite having been shown on the screen, since he was preoccupied with Xie Xie’s condition.

Xie Xie’s jaw dropped. “T-that’s possible? A soul bone! You got a soul bone! Wulin, you can pay me back with it.”

Gu Yue knitted her brows. “Now you’re trying to snatch it away?”

Xie Xie snorted. “Is it no good? Alright, fine. Then you can just forge my battle armor for me instead, Wulin.”

Tang Wulin smiled wryly. “Alright.”

Initially taken aback by Xie Xie, Gu Yue began smiling a moment later.

As comrades, they were going to help each other make their battle armors anyway! They wouldn’t have chosen different professions otherwise.

Wu Zhangkong’s watched over them firmly. “You’ve all passed your final exam.”

With the exam now over, the first semester of the fourth grade was concluded. Their journey, however, was only just beginning, as the next chapter of their story would soon lead them to the haven of their dreams.

In a room pervaded by and heavy with the element of darkness, a purple halo lit up, driving back some of the oppressive atmosphere.

“My Lord,” a deep voice said deferentially, its owner kneeling. In spite of his human appearance, he had an aura as frightening as the abyss.

“Mn.” A petite figure emerged, a sight for sore eyes in the midst of the heavy gloom. She had silver hair which flowed down to the floor, and her two violet eyes seemed to pierce the darkness.

“What’s the progress?” A delicate voice rang, as if from a young girl.

“We have already completely integrated ourselves, and collected information from all parties. Please take a look,” the black figure said softly.

“Mn.” In a blinding flash, a silver claw gripped the figure’s head. Intense shudders ran through his body for an instant before gradually easing down to a slight quiver.

On a high-speed train headed for Shrek City from Eastsea City.

In the most ordinary of second class seats, the four students of class zero were bursting with excitement. This was their first trip to such a distant place.

On top of that, this journey was bound to forever change their fates.

The two girls sat on one side while Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Wu Zhangkong sat on the other, separated by the center aisle.

Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan chirped noisily from time to time while Gu Yue looked out the window quietly. Tang Wulin’s vision was also directed outside, but his eyes were unfocused. He had many things to ponder.

Wu Zhangkong leaned back in his chair, eyes closed; he was fast asleep.

As he stared absentmindedly out the window, Tang Wulin recalled the warnings received from his other teacher before his departure.

“Wulin, I wish you success on your trip to Shrek Academy. However, you cannot neglect your blacksmithing practice. You must forge daily. In these past three years, you have made startling progress eve

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