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Chapter264 - Trial of Eating? Please

Elder Cai left, slamming the door shut behind her. Unseen by everyone present though, a smile had formed on her lips.

“Hehe. I bet that old fart Zhuo Shi is fuming right about now. Serves him right. Those brats are pretty good, tempering them a bit more should be fine.” She snorted at the thought of Gu Yue. “Since you dare to reject me, there will be a time when you come back begging.” She crossed her arms behind her back, her steps light as air as she departed.

Aggrieved and indignant, class zero arrived at at the site of the sixth trial.

The sixth trial was truly strange. It tested their capacity… to eat.

That’s right, it was a trial of eating.

In front of every person was a giant silver tray, and on top of that tray was a mountain of… steamed buns!

To one side was a sign that listed the requirements to receive points. It said that eating fifteen buns was a passing score and for every additional five buns eaten, another point would be rewarded. However, they weren’t permitted to circulate their soul power while eating and could only rely on their own stomachs.

They were stupefied by this trial’s rules.

Both Xu Xiaoyan’s and Xie Xie’s eyes shifted to Tang Wulin.

Something flickered beneath Tang Wulin’s calm mask as he turned to Shen Yi and asked, “Teacher Shen, can we help each other eat for this trial?”

Still depressed, Shen Yi grumpily replied, “If you can eat enough to score full points, then you can help the others.”

This trial was truly strange, but then again, this was expected from an academy as monstrous as Shrek! In truth, what this trial tested was willpower.

They had to eat until their stomachs burst! For a normal fifteen-year-old, fifteen steamed buns was an enormous amount of food. Furthermore, by restricting the use of soul power to aid digestion, it was almost impossible for most people to finish! One would need willpower to overcome one’s bodily limits! Of course, there were medical staff supervising this trial to ensure that the examinees wouldn’t become sick from overeating. The sturdier-than-normal bodies of soul masters prevented their stomachs from exploding, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t fall ill from overeating. This seemingly simple trial was, in fact, a devil in disguise, innocently dragging examinees through the depths of hell and making them wish for the sweet release of death.

However, today an irregularity had appeared!

“Thank you Teacher Shen,” Tang Wulin said sincerely. In his mind, this trial was practically made for him!

He reached out his hands, picking up two buns in each. The steamed buns were soft and bouncy, their round fullness delighting him even as his stomach rumbled from the delicious aroma of buns assaulting his nose.

Though Gu Yue had given him food in the morning, it was a meager portion and barely able to fill his stomach. This, coupled with him using up his blood ess

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