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Chapter 627 - Soul Power-Draining Technique

Tang Wulin’s soul power was being drained slowly but surely from his body. He used the power of his blood essence to try to seal off his soul power right away, but still, a minimal amount was leaking out continuously.

Su Mu’s eyes widened in surprise. He could clearly feel how fasthis ring was draining its prey’s soul power. His soul power is dense and solid, which means his foundation is solid. Interesting! Now I get why even Crazy Long thinks highly of him.

All Monster Eight Kings had nicknames, and Su Mu’s was Fox King.

His martial soul was a nine-tailed fox, very rare and powerful. Foxes were one of the smartest animals, and Nine-Tailed Foxes were a representation of wisdom. They were powerful and had a natural talent forsensing the natural energies in the air.

Soul masters with a Nine-Tailed Fox for a martial soul were rare as hens’ teeth. Su Mu’s ancestors were natives of the Star Luo Continent, and his martial soul had once caused a sensation on the Star Luo Continent.

Every time Su Mu got a soul ring, he grew a tail. And he could get much stronger with more tails. Each tail meant one ability. Tang Wulin had guessed right; Su Mu’s control skills were indeed the strongest among the Monster Eight Kings.

Dai Yun’er was also a control-type soul master. She was one of the Monster Eight Kings, yet she wasnot quite qualified; after all, she was too young. That said, she was real talented and muchstronger than her peers. Between her talent and her status as the princess, the old eighth member of the Monster Eight Kings had handed over his spot to her more than willingly. She was second only to Su Mu in terms of control skills.

Su Mu’s control techniques were very powerful. He had once fought a dozen soul masters his age and forced them to yield, because they had used up all their soul power and still hadn’t so much as touched him.

Tang Wulin decided he had to get out of this soul power-draining ring as fast as he could.

As he planted his feet sturdily, his first golden soul ring lit up, his muscles swelling, especially his arms. His hands twisted and transformed into a pair of golden dragon claws. He looked bigger and stronger, his aura becoming majestic and mighty.

Not bad,Crazy Long thought, looking at the screen with interest. Are those dragon claws?

A dragon’s roar burst out of Tang Wulin’s mouth. Golden scales rippled into existence across his whole body. Golden Dragon Body!

He stomped the ground with his left foot and pounced forward. His Golden Dragon Body had weakened the speed-reducing effect to the minimum. Now he was only a few steps away from the edge of the white ring.

Su Mu’s feet moved faster, and then he started running around the edge of the stage, trying to keep as far away from Tang Wulin as he could. In the meantime, he released speed-reducing rings continuously without pausing.

Tang Wulin gave a snort and reversed the flow

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