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Chapter 629 - The Suppression of Bloodline

Numerous golden lights burst out of Tang Wulin’s body. The blood flow towards the edge of the ring came to a sudden halt as he stopped shaking. He tilted his head back and let out a draconic roar, which shook the arena.

Tremendous pain.

Yet it was nothing compared to pain of breaking the seals; it was nothing compared to the pain of separating from his parents; it was nothing compared to the pain of forty-nine days of hellish training!

His eyes had become a resplendent gold. He clashed his two golden dragon claws together. Ding! A golden circle of light appeared and broke the soul-eating ring into pieces.

Then his scales sprang up and shot out dazzling golden lights, which crashed into the destructive ring and smashed it up.

A draconic roar erupted from him again. He thrust both palms towards the sky and unleashed a gigantic phantom golden dragon head, whose jaws snapped open and tore the repelling ring into shreds.

He took a stride, breaking the speed-reducing ring, and took another stride, destroying the soul power-draining ring.

Emanating golden light, he looked as if he had been reborn. He strode towards Su Mu, his steps firm and vigorous. Is that all you got? You gotta do better than that. Now, it’s my turn.

Su Mu’s eyes flashed with anger. He flicked his tails again, and another five rings shot out towardsTang Wulin.

Tang Wulin didn’t break stride. He clashed his claws, and golden lights and the phantom golden dragon head shattered all the rings to pieces once more.

The students of Monster Academy were thunderstruck. W-what just happened? How did he do that? Nobody can break Su Mu’s rings like that! That’s just impossible!

A faint golden mist enveloped Tang Wulin, and at almost the same time, a blood-red mist appeared and shrouded Su Mu. They were both very bright, but as Tang Wulin approached Su Mu, the golden haze around him became brighter, but the red haze gradually dimmed.

“Su Mu’s bloodline has got suppressed!” Long Yue exclaimed, disquiet showing on his face for the very first time. He wasn’t able to sense their bloodlines from here, but he could see on the screen that Tang Wulin’s bloodline had completely suppressed Su Mu’s.

“But Su Mu has the Nine-Tailed Fox bloodline in him; how can Tang Wulin possibly suppressthat?”

Long Yue narrowed his eyes. “He has a dragon bloodline!”

The dragon, a symbol of power and majesty, hadonce dominated the world. It could be said that all dragon bloodlines were powerful. Among them, the most powerful ones were related to the Nine Dragon Kings.

Su Mu’s Nine-Tailed Fox bloodline is undoubtedly one of the most powerful bloodlines, at least on the Star Luo Continent,Long Yue thought, but it’s totally suppressed by Tang Wulin, even though he’s younger and doesn’t have as much soul power as Su Mu. The only explanation is that he has a dragon bloodline.

“A dragon bloodline?!” An expression of

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