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Chapter 650 - Selling a Mecha

If I could fix it, it would fetch me three hundred thousand contribution points!Tang Wulin could feel his feet itching to carry him and his black mecha out of here. He really didn’t want to sell it. But he felt he had no choice, not ifhe wanted to beat Long Yue.

“It’s a close-combat mecha, but I don’t see its weapons. If you can find them, we’ll give you twenty thousand more,” said the old man.

“As much as I’d like to take you up on the offer, I’m afraid I have other uses for its weapons.”

It had only taken a few minutesfor the transaction to go through. Tang Wulin had never had so many contribution points before. He was so excited, but his excitement was short-lived. After he bought that cheapest Gray Jade Root and then spent another fifty thousand points on the third spirit item, he only had less than twenty thousand left.

Now the only thing he needed was a bottle of blood from a ten-thousand-year-old dragon-type soul beast. He prayed the points he had left would be enough to cover it.

When the results popped up on the screen, Tang Wulin’s face fell. The cheapest bottle of blood was from an eleven-thousand-six-hundred-year-old Five Element Dragon and priced at 48,000 contribution points. He was almost 30,000 points short. He had a few pieces of spirit alloy in his storage ring; he could sell them, but they were of relatively poor quality – he had given all the good ones to his friends – and the points they could fetch wouldn’t be nearly enough.

Thankfully, he still had time. He decided to do some forging jobs to make somecontribution points first. Spirit refined metal was pretty expensive here, especially spirit alloy.

Tang Wulin put the three spirit items he had just bought into his storage ring, took several forging missions, and went out to hail a taxi.

On his way back, he was still dwelling on all the money he had lost. Nothing was more painful to a money grubber than losing money. My poor black mecha… I shouldn’t have sold you at such a low price. Your materials and circuit cores alone are worth more than 110,000 points.

There was one consolation though: he hadn’t known about the self-destruct trap in it, so he was thankful that he hadn’t triggered it by accident. That was the only thing that had managed to make his pain of losing so much money a little bearable.

“No,” a familiar voice said in his head.

“Old Tang?” Tang Wulin closed his eyes and saw Old Tang in his spiritual world, who had donned an unprecedentedly solemn look.

“Wulin, I know you can’t wait to break the next seal,” Old Tang said solemnly, “but don’t do it. Not now. The energy of the Golden Dragon King is dangerous; you know it. I see you broke the fifth seal. I would have advised you against breaking it if I hadn’t been resting. You could have been killed. Take it slow; one step at a time. Don’t risk your life.”

Tang Wulin fell silent for a moment. “My body has become much stronger afte

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