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Chapter 635 - Controlling the Match

With his speed, strength, attack power, defensive power, and soul power having increased by 60%, Hua Lantang believed he was now strong enough to rival asix-ringed Soul Emperor even without his battle armor. I don’t care what kind of trick you’re pulling on me. Your power can’t hold a handle to mine!

He slashed at Gu Yue, for he was irritated by her annoying techniques.

“Your opponent is me!” Tang Wulin thundered. He knew his speed couldn’t compare with Hua Lantang’s, but what he lacked in speed, he made up for with the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step. A blur of movement, and he was already in front of Gu Yue. Immediately, he thrust out his claws. Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens!

Tang Wulin’s dragon claws and Hua Lantang’s wolf claws crashed into each other, and the impact sent them both backing off a few steps. Hua Lantang looked shocked. His power is still on par with mine?!

But Hua Lantang didn’t let his shock sway him for long. His eyes brightened as his fourth soul ring started shining. He raised a hand and summoned a phantom dragon, and then, a grayish black dragon came out of his back, fused with the phantom dragon, and turned into an Armored Dragon. It stopped being translucent and started taking on a lifelike form, charging towards Tang Wulin.

All of this happened whileHua Lantang was backing off, and he had fused his soul spirit with his soul skill.

He is one of the Monster Eight Kings all right,Tang Wulin thought,but that technique is not enough to beat me! As he emitted a deep, loud roar, a giant phantom dragon head appeared. It snapped open its mouth and sankits large teethinto the Armored Dragon. The poor creature uttered a sharp, piercing cry of pain, struggling to writhe out of the dragon’s mouth.

Yet its efforts were of no avail. A dark golden radiance, and the Armored Dragon collapsed with a loud crack and then got swallowed by the phantom dragon head.

Hua Lantang coughed up a mouthful of blood, his third and fourth soul rings breaking into pieces.

Theoretically, soul rings’ breaking meant the corresponding soul spirit was dead for good; but Hua Lantang’s soul spirit couldn’t have been killed, not when he was still very much alive. Yet due to some unknown reason, his two soul rings somehow collapsed with the Armored Dragon.

Tang Wulin didn’t understand what had just happened either, but this was too good a chance for him tomiss. He jerked out both hands and made a pulling motion, dragging Hua Lantang towards him with a tremendous force.

Ye Zhi was distraught, but she was too far away toassist her dearest. She had done all she could; at this point shecould do nothing but pray.

With his third soul ring broken, the defensive power provided by his Diamond Dragon Wolf was gone. In desperation, Hua Lantang roared and unleashed his fifth soul skill – Dragon Wolf Annihilating Claws. His claws had turned pitch-black, and they had a special effect of d

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