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Chapter 656 - Yuanen Yehui’s Battle Armor

He warped the space to create a force to pulleverything towards it,Teng Teng thought. Such a formidable young man.

Yuanen Yehui made no reply and darted towards him.

Teng Teng dashed away, creating two more shadow clones, who quickly started running in different directions.

Yuanen Yehui came to a sudden halt and punched the air again as she let out a beastly roar.

The space over the three Teng Tengs got warped again, this time more greatly than before. The three speeding figures stumbled a bit, but one was not as much affected as the other two.

That one must be the real,Yuanen Yehui thought, and a white ball of light shot out.

Long Yue’s eyes flashed with surprise. He’s clearly stronger than that Holy Angel kid. Teng Teng is in trouble.

Before her Air Cannon reached Teng Teng, his second soul ring lit up and he vanished.

Yuanen Yehui looked around and immediately noticed something strange – his shadow on the ground was still running, its speed much faster. She was astonished. It was the first time she had seen such an odd soul skill. He has superb survivabilityas well as speed.

“You sure are strong. I’ll give you all I got,” said Teng Teng. When the shadow was 300 feet away from Yuanen Yehui, it stopped and from it emerged Teng Teng. The two clones disappeared. He thrust out both hands, and pieces of battle armor flew out of his storage rings and onto his body.

A full set of one-word battle armor. It was gray with faint silver patterns, nothing fancy but strong.

All the Monster Eight Kings were one-word battle armor masters except for Dai Yun’er, whose cultivation level was too low.

After gauging Yuanen Yehui’s power, Teng Teng had come to the conclusion that his opponent had gained the upper hand, and that he might lose like Hua Lantang had if he didn’t use his battle armor.

He was acutely conscious that this armor would bring with it shame, because he was much older and one of the Monster Eight Kings, but it sure beat losing.

Watching Teng Teng’s battle armor fly onto his body, Yuanen Yehui didn’t try to intervene, as she was too far away and he was too quick. She didn’t just stand there doing nothing though; she summoned her own battle armor.

Pieces of yellow armor appeared and covered her as her shoulders, arms, chest, and waist were shining golden. She possessed six pieces in total: two pauldrons, two gauntlets, a fauld, and a breastplate. She was giving off a much powerful aura now that she had her armor on.

The audience was astounded; even Tang Wulin and Xie Xie were looking with wide eyes.

“She already has the core component?” Xie Xie blurted out.

“Yes. Normally the breastplate is the core component,” answered Tang Wulin. “It won’t be long before she has a full set of one-word battle armor now that she has already made the most intricate piece.”

One had to reach rank 50 first to be able to put on a full set of one-wo

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