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Chapter 645 - Yue Zhengyu Loses the Match

However, after Long Yue got his sixth soul ring, his cultivating speed had started slowing down. It couldn’t be helped – the draconicpower had grown too strong; he could feel it raging through him and gaining control of his body bit by bit. That was what was driving him crazy. He found to his horror that his spiritual power was not strong enough to keep this savage power at bay anymore. If not for his strong willpower, he might have lost control of himself and given into his lust for blood.

En Ci had made many attemptsto find a solution, but failed each time. He was one hundred percent sure he could help Long Yue become a seven-ringed soul master without putting his life in danger, but after that, he wasn’t. If Long Yue completely lost control of himself, he might not be able to fight his way back to sanity; so En Ci couldn’t afford to take even the smallest risk.

Part of the reason for En Ci’s wanting to visit the Douluo Continent was Long Yue, because he had learned the other day that there were some special spirit items there that might be helpful to Long Yue’s situation.

The cruel waves lashed at Yue Zhengyu each time he tried to get out, and the raging torrent slammed him against the mountains ceaselessly. He was taking on a lot of damage, and he felt as if he were not fighting a man but Mother Nature. Long Yue’s power had reached a level that he couldn’t even begin to fathom.

When Yue Zhengyu surfaced again and was gasping for air, he suddenly found Long Yue standing before him.

“You’re also a member of the Tang Sect. Since we have that in common, I’ll let you yield,” Long Yue said, the smile on his face gone, bloodlust gleaming in his eyes.

He could barely control its power and hatred once he released his martial soul. The Mountain Dragon King had wanted to live a normal life like other dragon kings, but the Dragon God had deprived it of that right, so it had hated him for favoring his other children much more than him.

Sometimes disasters like flood and rock avalanche were just mountain dragons blowing off steam. So when a mountain dragon went on the rampage, it would be disastrous.

Yue Zhengyu gritted his teeth and finally managed to fly out of the water, the golden light around him dim and feeble, yet his eyes still shining with determination. “That’s sogenerous of you, but I think I’ll pass.”

“ThenI’ll grant you your wish!” Long Yue shot out his right arm and threw a punch at Yue Zhengyu’s chest with a fistas big as a human head.

As Long Yue’s fist whistled through the air, Yue Zhengyu raised his holy sword and thrust at him.

Boom! Long Yue’s forceful attack sent Yue Zhengyu flying backwards and crashing into the barrier.

Long Yuetook a step forward but then stopped, the bloodlust in his eyes disappearing. “Tang Wulin broke Hua Lantang eight ribs, and I just repaid the favor!” he said coldly.

The match was over. Long Yue wasvictorious. H

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