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Chapter 632 - The Two-on-Two Round Robin

Su Mu was sitting cross-legged on his bed with a painful expression on his face, his five big tails moving softly. The hideous, deep cuts on them contrasted sharply with his dense, silky fur. One tail of his had almost been severed by a horrible wound; it looked as if it might snap off any minute.

Faint red light dancedaround his wounds, accelerating the healing process, but it must be really hurting, from the way he was grimacing.

Opposite Su Mu sat the fourth prince of the Star Luo Empire, Dai Yueyan, also known as Tiger King. He was one of the Monster Eight Kings as well. His hands twitched and curled up into fists, his breath heavy and ragged. He had never got so angry in a long time.

He was absolutelyshocked by what he was seeing. He hadn’t thought that Su Mu’s tails had sustained such severe damage, and he suddenly realized why he hadn’t used his battle armor.

Losing this match was a huge blow to Su Mu’s confidence, and it made the Monster Academy look bad.

The situation was bad enough for them, but Fang’er’s remarks made it even worse. Although she said it was just her opinion, Dai Yueyan was convinced that his father was behind it. Knowing Father, he must be using her to put pressure on us to win. The Monster Academy is funded by the government, and clearly Father is not happy with our performance.

Tang Wulin! I’ll make you regret what you have done!Dai Yueyan’s eyes flashed with anger.

The second round of the one-on-one competition lasted two days. Half of the contestants had been eliminated. However, there would be a few more rounds of knockout matches until theremaining number of the participantstotaled 128. Then they would be divided into eight groups and compete ina round robin. The top eight of each group would advance, so a total number of 64participants would take part in the final knockoutstage.

So to win theone-on-one championship, one would have to compete in at least 20 matches. The tournament was very lengthy – it would last about two months.

The two-on-two and team battles would follow the similar rules as those of the one-on-one competition. But since there were far fewer teams participating in the two-on-two and team battles, they wouldn’t take as many days as the one-on-one competition would.

Tang Wulin’s unlucky streak finally came to an end after the second round of the one-on-one competition. After ten days of fighting, he cruised to the round robin without having to compete against anyone on a par with him, and so did his teammates.

And the four teams of the Shrek Academy had all made it to the round robin of the two-on-two competition. In total, 64 teams had advanced, and they had been divided into eight groups. Only the top two teams of each group would gain the chance to compete in the final knockout stage.

As for the team competition, 32 teams had made it to the round robin, including Tang Wulin’s. They had also been div

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