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Chapter 630 - The Truth

Su Mu’s defeat had caused quite a ruckus in the audience. They couldn’t bring themselves to accept the fact that Fox King Su Mu, one of the Monster Eight Kings and the most powerful control-type soul master, was defeated by a boy from the Douluo Continent.

Su Mu’s calm had returned when he stepped into his waiting area.

Dai Yueyan walked over to him the moment he saw him. “Su Mu, are you all right? Your tails…”

Su Mu shook his head. “I’ll recover. Nothing serious. But I lost… I’m sorry, guys.”

“Don’t worry about that, and don’t lose heart just because of one minor setback,” Dai Yueyan said quickly. “Leave the rest to us; you just focus on getting better. But why didn’t you use your battle armor?”

“I’m five years older than him. If I use my battle armor, I lose even if I win.”

Long Yue patted him on the shoulder. “Stop acting like your injuries are nothing. Go back to your quarters and get some rest.”

Su Mu froze for an instant and then nodded, taking his leave.

“Ifany of you loses because you underestimate your opponent, then don’t bother coming back to the Monster Eight Kings again,” Long Yue said, his voice deep and full of authority.

Su Mu’s eyes fell. He saw why Ididn’t use my battle armor… After all, he’s Long Yue.

When Tang Wulin got back to his teammates, theruckus had grown so loud thatit could even be heard in the waiting area. He looked around and found all the contestants were staring at him as if he were a monster.

Xie Xie rushed over to him and gave him a big hug. “I can’t believe you really did it, Captain! You blew my mind!”

Tang Wulin rolled his eyes. “Soyou were expecting me to lose, weren’t you?” Then he turned to Yue Zhengyue. “Don’t forget my ten-thousand-year spirit item.”

“When did you become so strong? And where did your left golden dragon claw come from?” Yue Zhengyu asked, dejected. “He didn’t even use his battle armor, so I wouldn’t say you defeated him.”

“Does ‘concede’ mean something different where you’re from?” Gu Yue sneered. “Do you really think he didn’t want to use his battle armor because of his so-called pride? No, it’s because he couldn’t.”

Tang Wulin didn’t understand. “What do you mean?”

“He underestimated you. It never crossed his arrogant mind that you might touch him. So when you caught him by surprise with your Golden Dragon Dreadclaw, he had to use his tails to block your attack. In consequence, they got badly injured. I believe he needs his tails to wear his battle armor, and the injuries rendered them incapable of wearing it. His overconfidence cost him this match; he had no one to blame but himself. You won fair and square.”

Turns out I overestimated him!Tang Wulin thought, suddenly understanding. Maybe I’m a bad luck magnet, but I’m lucky that people always underestimate me. If Su Mu had put on his battle armor from the beginning, I would use my Bluesilver Emperor to fight him, but I might not hav

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