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Chapter 636 - Battle Experience

Tang Wulin turned to face Gu Yue and smiled, raising his hand. Gu Yue smiled back knowingly and slapped his hand, giving him a high five.

Sitting at her VIP table, Fang’er regained her composure and exhaled a long breath. “That was a one-sided match. Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi lost, yes, but they fought well. I wasn’t aware Tang Wulin and Gu Yue had such tremendous teamwork.”

Su Mu underestimated Tang Wulin and lost,Fang’er thought, but Hua Lantang didn’t underestimate him and went all out, however, he still got totally dominated. This boy from the Shrek Academy has defeated two members of the Monster Eight Kings. There’s no way luck alone could have gotten him this far in such a big tournament. Is his martial soul a plant-type? Or does he have twin martial souls? If he doesn’t, then how to explain those strangegolden soul rings of his?

Expert as she was in soul masters, she couldn’t account for Tang Wulin’s abnormally strong power; shefelt like she was missing an important pieceof information. She sat quietly, musing on the match.

Long Yue rubbed his chin, thoughtful, amusement glimmering in his eyes.

Dai Yueyan was shocked; he couldn’t believe that their Power Couple lost to Tang Wulin and Gu Yue. “Why do I get the sense that Hua Lantang was hiding power? He is a wolf but he punched like a dog!”

“He wasn’t hiding power; he got suppressed,” Long Yue replied. His deep, powerful voice immediately attracted the attention of all the students from the Monster Academy.

“Tang Wulin’s draconic bloodline suppressed Hua Lantang too?”

Long Yue inclined his head slightly. “I believe so. You remember his golden rings and claws, right? That’s the power of his bloodline, I think. He might be a four-ringed Soul Ancestor, but as likely as nothis bloodline is the mostpowerful I’ve seen. That’s why he could have suppressed Su Mu’s Nine-Tailed Fox bloodline.”

“Is his bloodline more powerful than yours, Brother Long?” Dai Yun’er asked out of curiosity.

Long Yue laughed. “It’s hard to tell. But bloodline isn’t everything to a soul master; cultivation level is also very important. Tang Wulin’s low cultivation level will be his undoing. By the way, did you see his partner’s power? Her well-timed assists helped Tang Wulin win the match. She used the fire element and the space element. I bet she has a large amount of spiritual power.”

“Tang Wulin’s partner? Gu Yue?” asked Dai Yun’er.

Long Yue nodded. “She used her teleportation technique continuously almost without any pause. It’s not something that any space-type soul master can do. And it was not her full power. I don’t know if you noticed,but her soul rings didn’t appear.”

“I noticed that,” Dai Yun’er replied, “and I also noticed that Gu Yue teleported Hua Lantang away before he could put on his battle armor. Their wicked scheme succeeded. If Hua Lantang had put on his battle armor, he might have won, even if his bloodline was suppre

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